Technomondo and 2021: the year of science and technology

Technomondo and 2021: the year of science and technology

It also expires this year. An abnormal year in many ways, characterized by the desire to restore a normal life that is yet to come.
a Technomondo We have tried to tell part of this journey, what is related to science and technological progress, by looking at the world from different perspectives.

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Science that cares about people and the environment

Everyone’s attention was also stimulated in 2021 by the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects. Perhaps it is for this very reason that we have been able to realize, more powerfully than in the past, the extent to which technological innovations can improve our lives and our health.
Studies and research have been carried out in these fields, many of which, over the course of the twelve months, have found a place in the most prestigious scientific journals.

At Radio Bullets, we’ve tackled some of these ideas. We have given space, for example, to innovations to facilitate drug management, such as Implantable robotic system For the release of controlled drugs. or thehydrogel Which, by sticking to damaged or diseased soft tissues, is able to repair and heal them.
We talked about minibill With a higher concentration of active ingredients.
How can we forget the technical ideas of overcoming what is, for many people, an obstacle standing between self and medicine: injection. All thanks to a pressure syringe for drug injection and a needle-free blood draw device.

In a historical period when even the health of the world was precarious, we dealt with technological discoveries to combat climate change. From graphene filter For carbon dioxide that fights carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, to the topic of recycling using local fertilizer.
We met afterwards BeachBotThe sweeping robot that cleans beaches of cigarette butts and learns using artificial intelligence to determine which waste to collect.
Finally, we discover that the world around us is full of energy – another major thematic issue in 2021 – enough to take advantage of what we already have. As in the underground car parks in our cities, thanks interesting Geothermal Panel System.


The flag that wins and celebrates

We’re saying goodbye to a year of competition too. After all, Tokyo Olympics and Paralypics, although it dates back to 2020, it can only take place this year. At the Paralympics, technology put itself at the service of the skills of athletes, displaying special equipment for athletes, advanced prosthetics, special wheelchairs and modified bikes. The best example of technology, that at the service of man and that is what is really needed; It alone is not enough but it can make a difference.

While the summer of 2021 in Tokyo was world champion, the Italian tricolor palette on the world in all seasons and not just for sporting merits.
We had the honor of celebrating physicists Alessandra Bonanno e Giorgio Baresi. The first, for his contribution to the study of gravitational waves, was awarded three prizes: the Galileo Galilei Medal, the Dirac Medal, and the 2021 Balzan Prize, and the second was awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics for studies of complex systems.

So we celebrated the athletes, scientists, researchers and certainly can’t forget the poets. Or rather, the poet with the highest distinction. 2021 was the year of the 700th anniversary of his death Dante Alighieri And across the country scatterOn March 25, the scientific world also organized events that united the world of literature with the astronomer.

The science that searches

Speaking of astronomy and its surroundings, 2021 was undoubtedly the year of space, with Invasion of Mars Landing on the red planet on February 18 for the Perseverance spacecraft. From his technological eye, photos of the small creativity helicopter that successfully completed First motorized flight On a planet other than Earth.
It remains in the context of the first times also for the two flights that gave the official start of space tourism: Journey Virgo Galaxy by Richard Branson, followed a few days later by the release blue origin by Jeff Bezos.
An experience, the latter, made even more special by the fact that it first appeared in space Mary Wallace Funk He finally became an astronaut at the age of 82, after waiting for the long-awaited recognition for six decades.

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Speaking of space, the year ends with a historic event that saw man conquer another part of the sky, the hottest of all: the sun. Parker Solar Probe NASA got so close to our star — touching its crown, the outermost part of the atmosphere — that no aircraft or man-made object has made it before. It will bring us news and data that will be the basis of further scientific research, but this is a story that has yet to be written and told.

We’ve talked to you about all this and a lot, and there’s still a lot to say, as science progresses relentlessly, sets itself up for new challenges, questions and tests, and confirms or refutes its hypotheses. After all, the scientific path is exactly this: continuous metamorphosis. And we, together with Technomondo, will try to tell you a little about it.

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