He will not be a guest of Francesca Fagnani

He will not be a guest of Francesca Fagnani

Eli Shlain thinks again. The current Secretary of the Democratic Party was among the announced guests MonstersWith his name leaked for the upcoming season of the talk show Francesca Fagnani (He will leave next September 26) according to the rumors he spread Davidmaggio. But in the end, it sounds just like Eli Shlein he will not be there: According to the background TV BlogIn fact, the Democratic Party secretary would have done so I changed my mind And then He declined the invitation By Francesca Fagnani. Let’s find out what happened.

Eli Schlein is not going to Monsters By Francesca Fagnani

Ninth edition of Monsters It hasn’t started yet – the season premiere is scheduled for Tuesday 26 September in prime time on Rai 2 – but Francesca Fagnani It was already causing discussion thanksThe noise Created by First names Announce. From the guest of the first episode, the former king of photographers, Fabrizio Corona, to the much-talked about Stefano Di Martino, all the way to the Secretary of the Democratic Party. Eli Shlain.

It was natural that there was a lot of curiosity and anticipation around the most famous name of the opposition in the current government. Self Fabrizio Corona He will be able to clarify his position on the alleged marriage Giacomo Ortis And Stefano Di Martino He may be open to breaking up Belen (So ​​is he New flame), the “stinging” interviews with Francesca A Monsters They could have been pinched Eli Shlain on each other Thorny political issuesFrom sending weapons to Ukraine to the new moves of the Democratic Party in the Meloni government.

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She also revealed the backstory of TV Blogbut, Eli Shelin won’t be in Monsters. The current Secretary of the Democratic Party would have thought better and would have declined Francesca Fagnani’s invitation. According to what appeared to him footnote He would have advised her not to participate A program that doesn’t suit his style To the political form, but more to the variety show. According to this editorial line, Eli Shlein could only participate in Programs with a great political theme from now on.

Announce all guests

With Eli Shlein’s surprise step back, guests expected the new version of Monsters I am Fabrizio Corona, Stefano Di Martino, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Raoul Bova Recently announced Arisa.

When you start Monsters

Ninth edition of Monsters to Francesca Fagnani She will make her debut next Tuesday 26 Septemberin Peak time On Rai 2 and broadcast live RaiPlayWhere all episodes will be available.

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