And other series and films that deal with the topic of parenting

“This is industrial garbage,” the five-year-old daughter grimly shouts that she wants “Shoochas,” while rejecting the avocado toast offered by her appalled father. “Leah, Papa and Mama won’t buy anything for you, from “Schuches.” Because we love you so much. An unsuccessful argument, because the girl shouts in despair: “I want 'chuches'!”

It is the perfect example ofSuperhuman effort to be perfect and happy mothers and fathersAnd the reality shock when we realize that there is no specific formula to achieve this.

“This Is Not Sweden” turns the contradictions of parenting into extreme self-parody, Escaping the story that American industry has traditionally sold.

Violeta Sanvicens and Marcel Porras during a scene from the movie “This is Not Sweden” (ACN)

Journalist Alba CarrerasSpecializing in education, the book has just been published “Nurturing with a sense of humor” He believes that this influence has reached us here in the form of “sparkle”, glamor, what ideal motherhood should be:

“Now when we realize that perfect mothers don't exist, Instagram moms are just a fantasy. We start appreciating real mothers with a sense of humor, which is the only way to survive parenting.”

The audiovisual system in our home wants to have its say with new, less sweet approaches to motherhood and parenting. “Coming days”, De Carlos Marques Marcet was one of the pioneers: Nine-month photo of an unexpected pregnancyincluding fears, joys and contradictions.

And also the series “Look what you did,” written by and starring Berto Romero, who humorously puts himself in the shoes of new parents who are completely overwhelmed by parenting.

“Then they came”20 thousand species of bees“, written by Estibalez Orisola Solagorin, the empathetic portrait of mother and daughter – and the entire family – in managing gender transition in children. O”Five pillsby Alauda Ruiz de Azua, about learning to be a mother without forgetting everything that being a daughter still entails.

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Why did all these novels succeed? Carreres explains that we simply believed them:

“We sympathized with all these mothers, and they even fell in love with us. This is a sign that maternity hospitals are changing, and are no longer selling us this pure virgin motherhood, even like the motherhood of the Virgin Mary.”

There is no need to mythologize a father figure. With room to doubt, make mistakes, and learn along the way. This is exemplified by the atypical fathers of light-filled British films.After the sun“, D. Charlotte Wells, I”scraper“, written by Charlotte Regan, also in Catalan”The enchantedby Elena Torabi, about the strange moment of separation from children for the first time after divorce.

There's still a way to go, but it's a huge relief to see that, Carreres says How women are exonerated as a parenting disaster“Because if men have been like that historically, why not women?”

This year sees the launch of other, little-explored audiovisual approaches, such as the rejection of motherhood, with films “Mothers don't“, written by Mar Cole, or”mammal“, written by Liliana Torres. The latter has already won Jury Award for Best Performance For her heroine, the actress Maria Rodriguez Sotoal festival South by southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. It is one of the most influential film, music and television competitions in the United States and takes place in a state that remains the country's anti-abortion epicenter.

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