A play turned into a podcast for second year ESO students

A play turned into a podcast for second year ESO students

Second-year ESO students at IES Son Cladera are implementing a new learning situation called: Should we make a podcast?

During March, ESO second-year students at IES Son Cladera started a new learning situation called “Let’s do a podcast?” First, to practice pronunciation, they sang a song called “La gent que estimo” by the group Oques Grasses, and then looked up information about what a podcast is.

Their Catalan language teacher put them on a podcast from the 3Cat platform, of three young immigrants explaining what their experience was like coming from another country to Spain. They explained that they lived in a care home, as they did not have Spanish documents and lived far from their relatives. They needed a house to live in until they finished university, and to obtain Spanish documents so they could work and support themselves.

During two Catalan classes, students stood in a circle and read Clara Ingold’s play “Failure” in a shared reading. The text consists of sixteen characters: Marisol, Aurora, Pep, Melissa, Adam, Eli, Ana, April, Elena, Pars, Carlos, Ixa, Berta, Mar, Paz, and Julia.

Na Marisol was a competitive dance teacher interested in winning a dance competition at any cost. Noora is the cleaning woman at the high school and is also Pip’s mother. Pip is shy, introverted, and loves to prank. Melissa’s friend, Adam, who helps in everything and is a very active person, signed up for the dance competition because Melissa was there too. Nellie is a very sensitive girl who asks a lot of questions. She loves to read a lot and is very hardworking.

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N’Anna is a girl who has family and financial problems, and it is difficult for her to make friends, but she becomes friends with n’Eli. Nabrielle is very fun, feisty, has a lot of friends, and has a little fat on her body, but she loves her body and doesn’t let anyone mess with it. Nelina is a friend of April and is very shy and does not like her body. Pars wants to become a music producer and Carlos enters the competition because his average is on the rise. And so on until the sixteen letters are completed.

This play is part of the theater class program at Palma’s Main Theatre, and was written especially for this year’s edition by Clara Ingold.

The IES Son Cladera students, after doing shared reading, chose the character each student wanted to be, read each character’s personality, and

Through the dynamics of the hats, they decided which hat would suit each of them.

Clara Ingold went to IES Son Cladera High School to greet the boys and girls of the Second ESO and take advantage of the fact that she had to give a workshop to her high school classmates.

Next, all second-grade ESO classes recorded a scene or two from Clara Ingold’s play “Fail,” after adapting the scenes to the podcast format and thus converting the play into a radio script

They used a microphone and a mobile phone to record all the scenes in the high school hallway.

The teacher was responsible for the artistic editing of the twelve scenes from the series, and finally the students in the class listened to and evaluated their podcasts.

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Finally, they published the podcast on the institute’s website. At the time of closing this story, students received an email from Teatre Principal de Palma announcing that the podcast would also be published on the Teatre Principal’s website itself.

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