“He whistles”, “No, he is smart” – Corriere.it

“He whistles”, “No, he is smart” – Corriere.it

“Someone on the floor.” “No wait. Whistle, whistle, but whistle for good. Holy shit…” Referee Nasca speaks on VAR in the dramatic final moments of the Inter Verona match. Fabbri addresses the match referee. He wants him to stop the game, and asks him to blow the whistle to stop play. Fabbri doesn't listen to him, and a few seconds later Fratesi scores the decisive goal. «Fabbri had to interrupt the play with the defender on the ground in the penalty area, especially after hitting the crossbar: there the movement ended and was not supposed to continue. “You cannot play for 3 minutes with a player on the ground in the penalty area,” said Gianluca Rocchi, referee designer for Serie A and Serie B.

“Doda got up, looked at me and sat down again. This is cunning,” Fabri explains, As if to say that the midfielder was making contact. Nasca, at the VAR, first asks to look at the images to check for possible offside (“No, no flag”), then decides the goal: “Let me review the shot. Good, go, come quickly. Normal. Michael, it's Gigi.” . Normal goal, normal goal ». Error, a foul occurred on a Verona player.

The assignor also recognizes this: “I don't know why VAR couldn't detect it. Faraone's attitude during the Juve-Verona match (the Verona winger gasps on the floor in embarrassment after seeing that Juve scored, but took a hit from Keane at the start of the play, ed.) made us very angry, but he didn't do that. Influencing the decision. And this is true. Fabbri does not give the correct importance to Bastoni's mistake. “They are both equally responsible for this goal.”

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