Toyota GR Yaris: more “sharp”

Toyota GR Yaris: more “sharp”

Always improving – Improve car like Toyota GR YarisA small, four-wheel-drive sports car inspired by rally cars, it was not easy, but with the 2024 version, the Japanese engineers succeeded, as they worked “extensively” on many components of the car to improve it but also to make it more powerful and long. -permanent.

Now also automatic – One of the biggest innovations is the new Automatic gearbox 8 speeds join the manual. It's not dual-clutch, as one might expect for a pure sports car like this one Toyota GR Yaris, but yes automatic with specially adapted torque converter. GR Yaris units ordered with the automatic transmission come with a custom cooler and a pair of plastic paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. The automatic transmission adds 18 kg to the car's weight.

More power – Toyota then made a number of changes to 3 cylinders 1.6 liter turbo JR Yaris, increasing direct injection pressure, installing a new intake air pressure sensor, and installing new lightweight pistons, in addition to a different intake air pressure sensor. All of these changes allowed us to move from 265 to 280 hp of power and 390 Nm of torque (the Japanese version has 300 hp and 400 Nm).

It works fine Aesthetically, the innovations are concentrated in the front part of the car Toyota GR YarisThere is a new bumper with new intakes to improve airflow reaching the radiator. While LED headlights appear at the rear, they are connected by a light bar and feature a new lighting design.

It changes a lot inside The Japanese company also worked on the interior design of the car Toyota GR YarisAnd improving the aspects most criticized by owners of the first version. For example, to improve a driving position that has been judged to be too high, a Driver's seat It has been reduced From 2.5 cmThe interior rear-view mirror has been raised to improve visibility through the windshield and the screen of the new multimedia system has been lowered for the same reason. The whole thing is changing too Dashboard Now in a more square shape reminiscent of racing cars. The instrument panel is also new, and is now fully digital.

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Harder casing – Improvements also to It pops which hour More solid Thanks to multiple welding points and structural adhesives.

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