Political transformation in Senegal after the electoral victory of the opposition

Political transformation in Senegal after the electoral victory of the opposition

The Senegalese opposition and its candidate, Basserou Diomaye Faye, won the elections held last Sunday. The victory, which began to be celebrated a few hours after the start of counting, filled many of the country's streets with euphoria. Yesterday afternoon, his main rival, Amadou Ba, publicly congratulated him on the win. It is not yet known what percentage of votes Fay won, although everything indicates that it will exceed 50% and there will be no need for a second round. These results usher in political change in Senegalese institutions after 12 years of Macky Sall's presidency.

Faye, along with Ousmane Sonko, the country's main opponent, has driven social discontent by promising political renewal. It is a movement presented as subversive and anti-colonial and is very popular among young people. They were released from prison 10 days ago thanks to an amnesty approved by the government and handed out during the election campaign. Fay had been in pre-trial detention for 11 months on charges of defamation and contempt for criticism he made against several judges. Among his promises are to end the concentration of power in the hands of the country's president, reconsider international fishing agreements, and provide alternatives for young people wishing to immigrate so that they can find opportunities in their country.

Youngest boss

Diomai Faye, 44, will be the youngest president in the country's history. He jumped to the forefront of politics after the Constitutional Council rejected the nomination of Ousmane Sonko. At that time, his political movement chose him as a candidate for the presidency of the republic. Faye and Sonko campaigned together to drive an anti-colonial and anti-Africanist discourse. Election Day passed quietly, in the elections in which the largest number of candidates participated in the country's history.

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