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Words of Polytechnic Professor Mauricio Zomboni. Aunty of slain youth: “He wanted to work in America, I did not see him for two years because of Govt.”

“He has always wanted to live abroad. He studied in China and Chicago. After writing the dissertation with me, I told him to stay in Turin to start his doctorate. But he chose to return to the United States, despite all the opportunities in Italy. He had a myth about America. Professor Mauricio Zamboni is the President of the College of Electronic Engineering at Turin Polytechnic. David Giri, a 30-year-old researcher, was stabbed to death in the streets of New York, Remembers him well. “He had a great invention – he adds – he was interested in research in the field. We have been working on integrated circuit architecture for many years, he designed the system for smartphones. It was so brilliant. The corridors of the Turin Polytechnic became painful, and the news of the former student’s death came as a shock.

Born in Alba, he lived with his family in the small village of Scarborough, not far from the Mirocleo factory., On the edge of the city, behind the low-rise buildings, you begin to see the iconic hills of Lange. “I have not seen him for two years because it was not easy to get on a plane through Kovit. He had gone to America for work. We’re sorry.” Aunt David explains. On social media, a photo taken from a vacation shows him sitting on the dock in the harbor of Toronto, with very different glittering skyscrapers behind the streets where he grew up. At Santa Margherita Stadium, they remember him running on the wing of his own team. Antonio Minigosi, the company’s history manager, says: “He’s a golden boy, like his family.

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The first of three children. His sister Caterina, a junior at the university and Michael, is a physiotherapist. Both are very active in the youth group of the Musoto Church, where their mother Giuseppena is an after-school educator. “She called me – Dan Billy Vogera – she explains that she’s not coming. This news is a disaster for society as a whole. Pepe Phenoglio studied at the school in Alba. Mayor, Carlo Poe. When he returns home, the researcher killed in New York will always have to tell some adventures. “Like in those days in Shanghai, he used to eat his Chinese classmates with cutlery and eat with chopsticks,” friends say. For a few months he worked as an engineer at the former FCA and was in charge of testing car ECUs. A few months since he took the plane to New York in 2016.

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