He gets on the plane with a QR photo of another passenger, hides in the toilet and ends up getting arrested

A 26-year-old Texas man has been arrested in the United States on chargesGetting started as a stowaway On a Delta flight out of Salt Lake City last Sunday. The flight was headed to Austin, Texas. According to the US Federal Police, the man was to be used Pictures of boarding passes From other passengers.

According to the police's account, security cameras show how, using a mobile phone, he took pictures of other people's phone screens without them looking. This way I would have a photo of my boarding pass With QR code Which he used to pass the security check upon boarding.

The accused, Wyclef Yves Florizard, was able to enter the plane and head there Drains From the front of the device. Once everyone had boarded and the doors were closed, he exited, according to the complaint, and entered the restroom at the tail of the plane.

When he came out, the flight attendant noticed that he was gone There is no free seat I asked him about his whereabouts. He replied that he was allocated 21F, but according to the complaint, he was already busy.

Once they reviewed the documents, they found that the detainee was not registered as an authorized traveler. The plane, which was already on the runway, returned to the boarding gate. Then the police pulled him over and arrested him.

“I was just trying to get home.”

The man explained, according to the police complaint, that he had been snowboarding in Utah and wanted to return home to see his family.

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A friend gave him a Southwest Airlines boarding pass, but by the time he wanted to take that flight, it was already full. The same thing would happen to the next person. Then he admitted thatI made a mistakeAnd “I was just trying.” back to home“.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the man passed the first security checkpoint at the airport without a problem and had a valid photo ID and boarding pass.

Fleurizard faces charges Serious crime He will have to appear in court in Utah. According to what was reported by many American media outlets, such as: New York timesOnce arrested, he was transported to the Salt Lake County Jail.

The FBI is also investigating the incident. Delta Air Lines told US media that it is still trying to find out exactly what happened.

More passengers without a ticket

In recent months, there have been other similar cases Passengers That boarded the flights Without a ticket. According to American media, in February a woman boarded a plane in Nashville and headed to Los Angeles.

Last year, in November, he passed security in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was able to fly to Los Angeles. As documentation, he only carried identification cards from Russia and Israel.

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