Salud calls for calm in the face of the peak of respiratory diseases and defends the absence of a collapse

Salud calls for calm in the face of the peak of respiratory diseases and defends the absence of a collapse

Health Minister Manel Balcells called for calm in the face of the rise in respiratory diseases in Catalonia. But the advisor confirmed that we have not reached the peak of infections expected next week “There is a soup of viruses, but we have not reached the peak.” In an interview on Monday, A TV3, Balcells defended that Catalan health centers were not in a state of collapse, with doctors denouncing that “there is pressure on care, yes, but there is no collapse, because that means that it cannot be taken care of.” In this regard, he noted that the most problematic situations occurred in places where there is no CUAP nearby. In addition, he mentioned that there is a first triage in the centers, where nurses assess the degree of seriousness of the condition. “Yes, there is a long wait, but everyone has been taken care of,” so the consultant stressed that the situation has stabilized, even in centers where there was a lot of stress in care. “There is no collapse in any medical center in Catalonia.”

Residents relax

Manel Balcells predicted that by Wednesday, 10,000 people are expected to arrive in emergency rooms in the country, but he warned against this. “We have not reached the peak of the influenza epidemicWe are in the winter and vaccination saves hospitalizations.” Regarding vaccination specifically, he highlighted its importance “Two-thirds of the patients admitted are people who have not been vaccinated.” Regarding the decline in vaccinations against influenza and Covid, the Chancellor stated that this may not have been achieved because “There was a certain relaxation of the population after the epidemic.”

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In order to stop the infection, the head of health appealed to “common sense” Matta Use the mask again. “The mask is an essential measure of protection for both professionals and the most vulnerable groups.” In this sense, he recommended the use of a mask on public transport and in residences, especially for people who show symptoms or who are in contact with people at risk.

Medical papers

The Interregional Council of the Inter-Autonomous Communities (CISNS) will be held this Monday. Chancellor Balsells announced that one of the requests that Health will make at this meeting will be To establish automatic leave before the peak of respiratory viruses. At the same time, Health Minister Monica Garcia said in an interview with Zero wave He stated that it is under study “Self-justification for a three-day absenceFor those with mild illness.”

Regarding state aid in confronting the current situation, Balsells acknowledged that “the situation is tense, but it appears better than in other areas of the country.” In this sense, he warned that the Spanish government's assistance was gladly accepted “Without invading competencies, because the state’s usual tendency is to invade competencies. What we want are the necessary resources, but we will solve it ourselves, we will manage, we do not need to be told how to do it, we need the resources,” the advisor said.

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