Serie A, Empoli – Juventus 4-1 – Football

Serie A, Empoli – Juventus 4-1 – Football

Serie A, Empoli 4-1 Juventus chronicle

Empoli enjoy salvation and celebrate in front of their fans a historic victory. Juventus lost 4-1 and dominated long distance and wide for long periods of time in a match that started upward for the black and white, even before the 10-point penalty kick began. “We played in a surreal situation, with the sentence arriving a quarter of an hour before the match. But the mental breakdown is not justified. Now we have to keep silent and accept defeat. But I want to say one thing: let it be clear that we scored 69 points on the field, “said Massimiliano Allegri to Dazen.

Juventus did not fully participate in the match and is now in seventh place and out of the cups. Having achieved his goal, “scudetto” a week ago with Sampdoria, he gave the Zanetti team a special push, which was played absolutely freely with the head. It was seen immediately: Empoli’s lightness against Juventus was weighed down by the elimination of the European League in Seville and then the decision of sports justice, which arrived a few minutes after kick-off. Caputo celebrates with a brace, but there’s also Captain Loberto’s seal, sealed by Piccoli’s fourth blue target.

Chiesa’s only goal in the 3-1 draw left Allegri, who looked visibly shaken at the end, hopeful of a comeback. Perhaps the most difficult moment of the season for Juventus. Champions League ambitions have been categorically curtailed by the Court of Appeal’s decision. A decision was reached during the build-up to the Castellani match. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the start of the match was important for the whites and the blacks, almost as a response to anger: three golden chances in fifteen minutes happened to Vlahović, Kosti and Milik, and the score that could have opened immediately in favor of the Allegri boys. Instead, here’s the blue feature: Milek fouled Campiaghi in the area. Eleven meters away, Kabuto cooled and cornered him so as not to let Shizune get there. Not even four minutes have passed and the guests seem already out of the game: in the corner twists, Caputo attempts a half-bike kick, with Akpa-Akpro running down the track and turning it; Szczesny makes an exceptional save, but leaves the ball to Loberto, who scores from a meter out. Chance to shorten Bremer: From two steps – and a fully open mirror – he inexplicably sends to the side. Only Rabiot is trying to do something. Juventus are playing but they are not late with focus.

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In the second half, Alex Sandro frivolously lost another ball, and Akpa Akbaru left the lane on the right to help Caputo in the middle of the area. Touch below for the Empoli striker who scored twice over Chesne. It is Juventus who take the ball in the match, but are left more by Empoli who try to crush it on the counter-attack. Chiesa made it 3-1 in the final, also due to a half-mistake by Vicario, who was used to blocking everything: this time he let the ball pass, perhaps within reach of a match in which he was once again the protagonist. It’s the goal of Juve flag. In the 93rd minute, Kane’s mistake arrived and Piccoli took advantage of it in the penalty area in the final 4-1. We sing flying to “Castellani”, while the triple whistle begins Gianna Nannini’s “Fenomenale”, just like Paolo Zanetti’s Empoli season.

With the 4-1 defeat against Empoli, Juventus dropped to seventh in the standings with 59 points, and is currently outside the zone that gives access to the European Cups. The other consequence of the penalty kick – unless there is another revision of the sentence – is the sporting qualification of Lazio to the next UEFA Champions League. The biancocelesti, who finished third, like all the teams that were from third to seventh, are up one step and with 68 points they are sure of the pass.

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