He called the invasion of Ukraine “fascism”.

He called the invasion of Ukraine “fascism”.

the Russian Deputy Minister of Science Pyotr Kucherenko He died of a sudden heart attack.

But two days later, it became known that Kucherenko had defined Putin’s war in Ukraine as “fascist” and said that he would have liked to leave the country but did not do so because he feared the consequences.

Kucherenko, 46, fell ill on the return flight from Cuba on Saturday.

The plane made an emergency landing in southern Russia, but the doctors on board could not save the deputy minister, who died in the meantime.

The deputy minister spoke specifically about the impossibility of Kucherenko leaving Russia and his opposition to the invasion of Moscow.

It is impossible for me to leave Russia, they confiscate our passports. “No world is happy to see a Russian deputy minister after this fascist invasion,” Kucherenko said.

You cannot imagine the degree of brutality in our country. In a year you will not even recognize Russia, “said the deputy minister.

But who is the source? We are talking about Roman Soper, a journalist with a degree from Moscow University and an original documentary filmmaker who was also awarded at the New York and Cannes Film Festivals. Roman left Super Russia for security reasons months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. His views on war and Putin would cost him a prison sentence. Pyotr Kucherenko, who did not want that invasion but remained in Russia, died of a heart attack.

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