In Naples – City of Science: a success for Befana Day

It ended with great success and with the participation of more than 750 visitors, all by booking and swinging the slots to ensure maximum safety – in addition to the green pass masks, Befana Day in Città della Scienza, between science, fun and greed surprises thanks to a rich program of events and activities for children of all ages . Among the most attended events was the live show “Insects & Co” that featured live creatures and archetypes as protagonists to showcase the amazing wonders of the insect world; From Earth to Heaven, another science show, this time dedicated to space, featured visitors: with water, sand, soil, ammonia, coal and dry ice along with Le Science’s conductors, comets were created to be touched by hand, so find out more about these frigid celestial bodies , which has shiny hair and a tail. There was also the traditional Bingo revisited in a scientific key with a huge bulletin board of curiosity to discover. Finally with “Color Attack! – Creative Drawing “tempera, stencils, free space markers for little imaginations, starting from 3 years.

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