June 8, 2023

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Has The Last of Us release date for PS5 and PC been revealed by a leaker? – Multiplayer.it

The remake From the last of us will appear PS5 and PC For the leaker who revealed the possible date of Exit From the game: September 2, 2022. A very close deadline for a title that has not yet been officially announced by Sony, but perhaps the goal is precisely the surprise effect.

So let’s try to understand how things are going based on the circulating news. Journalist Jeff Grob said he “continues to hear that The Last of Us Remake is coming out this year,” usually Very reliable source For this kind of anticipation.

The leaker who posted the post today is relatively new, but it seems to be too trusted: His latest information regarding Hideo Kojima’s new game, Overdose, has been confirmed by Tom Henderson.

Of course, he’ll be one in any case Sony’s new strategywhich generally presents its products in a fairly convenient timing, starting with teasers and trailers and then gradually arriving at the announcement of the launch date and the actual debut in stores.

Unless the company has decided to move differently to a remake of The Last of Us, set up an “alternative” ad on a specific magazine or website, as it’s also done in recent months, rather than picking a state of play or something like that – which.

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