Giro d’Italia in Padua, Milan suffer defeat and disappointment

The Friulian, who was defeated by Merlier in Padua: “A more dangerous final than expected. I lost the wheel, then I recovered but not enough. I am sorry after the effort of my teammates”

In Padua it was the most anticipated, but Jonathan Milan, leader of the points classification, missed the appointment with the poker of victories in the 2024 Giro (after successes in Andorra, Francavilla and Cento): second place by a few centimetres, beaten by Tim Merlier as well as in Fossano. The Lidl-Trek train’s synchronization defect was fatal, with the Friulian runner losing his Consonni wheel less than a kilometer from the finish line. Milan had to build a sprint by coming from behind, having started on par with Merlier but being hit by a bigger wind than the Belgian.

Milan disappointment

The Cyclamen shirt gave his version: “My teammates were in the top positions but I simply could not follow them, it’s my fault. The finish was a little different than I expected, very dangerous, I couldn’t.” To stay with them, I’m very disappointed with the great comeback I had, but I’m sorry I got winded but my teammates did a great job and it’s a real shame that after managing my teammates like that I can’t. “Don’t bring the stage home. If you make a temporary mistake, with opponents like Merlier, you’ll end up in second place.”

His Excellency Merlier

The Belgian winner in Padua is enjoying his second success: “After the last race, I really wanted this win, we changed the way we approached the final a little bit, the effort to win over Milan went well.”

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