Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (October 21, 2022)

Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (October 21, 2022)

Today is the day of technical deadlines. Saipem took advantage of the jump in the previous session. Enel accelerates to the downside

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets Recorded declines in the range of 1-2% in the last session of the week. Today is the day of technical deadlines; Option contracts on stocks and indices expired on October 2022. Second Pierre Ferret – ActivTrades Technical Analyst – Investors are divided between the main bear market drivers of high rates and economic slowdown on the one hand, and the temptation to buy stocks at a significantly discounted price compared to last year. “This has created a situation where everyone wants to buy the bottom of the market, but no one knows where and when it will be recorded,” the expert noted. Giuliano Gasparet – Head of Equity Department at Generali Insurance Asset Management – He indicated that interest rates continue to record new highs in anticipation of higher final rates, as inflation remains strong at the moment and there is a significant risk that central banks will have to postpone the end of a restrictive cycle.

It’s 11.35 in FTSEMib It fell 1.67% to 21,339 points, just above the intraday low of 21,308 points. At the same time FTSE Italia All SharAnd lost 1.59%. Also in red FTSE Italia medium hat (-1.11%) and The star of FTSE Italia (-1.13%).

The Bitcoin It dropped to $19,000 (about 19,500 euros).

The BTP-Bund spread It settled at 235 points, with the 10-year BTP yield exceeding 4.85%.

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L ‘euro It fell to $0.975.

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena Still in the spotlight. The return on ordinary shares of the Sienese Institute is from 0.15% to 2,006 euros, while i Rights related to capital increase This results in 4.09% to 0.984 euros.

He exploited Saipem, after the jump that occurred in the previous session. Engineering company address in fall 1.78% At a price of 0.719 euros.

In the Accelerates downwards (-2.39% to €4.1395). The electricity giant has signed an agreement to sell 50% of its subsidiary Gridspertise to the international private equity fund CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII. The agreement stipulates that the CVC will pay a total amount of approximately 300 million euros, which is equivalent to an enterprise value of 625 million euros (indicated as 100%). Enel expects the transaction as a whole to have a positive impact on Group EBITDA of approximately €500 million, as well as a positive impact on net financial debt of approximately €300 million.

in MidCap Seeing the heart of the scorpion Records a jump of 14.8% to 8.44 euros. The MF financial daily reported a rumor that the major shareholder is considering a possible takeover offer for the company. Antares Vision has identified that in the course of their business they are frequently contacted by third parties regarding potential business opportunities, including potentially unusual transactions such as routinely evaluated business combinations. “However, to date, no decision has been taken on any operation,” the company said.

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