The truce between Hamas and Israel has ended. Tel Aviv: “The agreement was violated” with a raid on the Gaza Strip. Media: “At least 100 dead”

The truce between Hamas and Israel has ended.  Tel Aviv: “The agreement was violated” with a raid on the Gaza Strip.  Media: “At least 100 dead”

“A Turkish photographer was killed in the bombings”

The journalist at the Turkish Anatolia News Agency, photographer Montaser Al-Sawaf, was martyred in an air strike launched by an Israeli fighter jet on Gaza City. Anatolia itself denounces this, and speaks of “martyrdom.” The journalist had reported in recent days that 45 members of his family were killed in Israeli raids, including his mother, father, and two brothers, along with their children. He was injured in the face during the raid.

MSF to Israel: “Immediately cancel evacuation orders”

Doctors Without Borders reported that the Israeli army asked residents of some neighborhoods in the central region and Khan Yunis to move south towards Rafah. There are two clinics supported by MSF, the Martyrs Clinic and the Bani Suhaila Clinic, in the area subject to the evacuation order. The Beni Suhaila Clinic receives about 700 patients for outpatient visits every day, most of whom are internally displaced people. Nearly one million displaced people have taken refuge in southern Gaza, where they currently live in tragic conditions. Many civilians have been displaced several times since October 7. Citizens have been ordered to move south, but there is no safe place in Gaza due to indiscriminate bombing and ongoing fighting. MSF therefore calls on the Israeli forces to immediately lift evacuation orders and urges all parties to protect civilians and vital infrastructure. The humanitarian organization concluded that a permanent ceasefire is needed now.

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The Israeli Army: More than 200 targets were struck in the Strip today

“The IDF has struck more than two hundred terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip since seven o’clock this morning,” when the truce agreed upon with Hamas ended. This was announced by Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari in a tweet. He added in particular that “the forces destroyed areas filled with explosives, tunnel entrances, launching sites and military headquarters used by the Hamas terrorist organization as they prepared to resume fighting.”

United Nations: The resumption of fighting is disastrous

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk described the resumption of fighting in Gaza as “catastrophic” and urged all participants and influential countries to redouble their efforts to secure a ceasefire. In a statement issued in Geneva on Friday, Türk said the situation in Gaza was “beyond crisis point,” with more Palestinians facing the risk of being killed or “forced displacement in areas of Gaza that are already overcrowded and unsanitary.” Türk then reminded all parties to the conflict “of their commitment to allowing and facilitating the rapid and unhindered passage of humanitarian relief supplies to civilians in difficulty throughout Gaza.”

Erdogan: “Crimes against humanity in Gaza”

“What is happening in Gaza is a crime against humanity and a war crime,” and “the loss of more than 16,000 innocent Palestinian civilians, most of whom are children and women, due to Israeli attacks cannot be justified in any way.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced this while speaking at the Cop28 conference in Dubai, and pointed the finger at Israel. The Turkish President said: “The perpetrators must be held accountable under international law.” Erdogan then stressed the necessity of “establishing an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Minister Smotrich: “The Prime Minister announces the end of the truce”

“I asked the Prime Minister to explicitly announce the end of the agreements regarding the cessation of hostilities and the full resumption of hostilities until the elimination of Hamas and the return of all hostages,” wrote Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on the website of “Hamas,” the leader of the far-right religious Zionist party. “We cannot accept a ‘mid-war’ situation where our forces have to constantly worry about being obstructed by Hamas’s pretexts. We congratulate the hostages who have returned home but now the break is over.” Minister Itamar Ben Gvir also expressed the same opinion.

Israel: “Bombed 200 targets in Gaza”

“After Hamas violated the truce, fighting resumed in the Gaza Strip. Since 7 a.m., the IDF has struck more than 200 terrorist targets.” The IDF reported this on Telegram. “Following Hamas’ violation of the cessation of operations, ground, air and naval forces struck terrorist targets in the northern and southern Gaza Strip, including Khan Yunis and Rafah, in the past few hours. The army added that the Israeli army struck areas filled with explosives, terrorist tunnels, launching sites and operational command centers designated by Hamas for use in the renewed fighting.

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“More than 100 dead since the raids resumed.”

More than 100 people have been killed in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since fighting between Israel and Hamas resumed this morning. This was reported by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which is run by Hamas. Reported by Al Jazeera.

United States of America: “We continue to work to reach a truce”

The United States “continues to work” to reach a humanitarian truce in Gaza. The White House announces this.

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