No more “simple” screenshots of smartphones: secret functions that only a very few people know about

No more “simple” screenshots of smartphones: secret functions that only a very few people know about

Advanced screenshot functionality, whether on iPhone or Android, reveals a world of possibilities, often unknown to most people.

A feature of ours smart phones It is often underestimated, but it is widely used Screenshot. Most users are simply using the best known and most straightforward methods to take screenshots of their device, unaware of it Hidden potential Which both Android phones and iPhones are equipped with.

Taking screenshots has never been so easy and fun –

The classic way to take a screenshot on almost all Android devices is Combination of power button and volume down button. On the iPhone, the shutter key combination changes slightly and consists of the side button and the volume up button. Although these processes are effective, they are only one of many options available to users.

Our smartphones allow you to create and edit more complex screenshots: the hidden function

Let's start with Android phones, where an often forgotten feature is the one that allows you to create images with the power of your voice alone: ​​”Hey Google, take a screenshot“. Using Google Assistant voice commands, you can capture your screen without touching your deviceIdeal for situations where hands are busy or for users with mobility limitations.

How to edit a screenshot
Android phones and iPhones offer many hidden features to improve screenshots –

You can then add text, highlights, or graphics to each screenshot. However, the most interesting function of these devices is undoubtedly the function Scrollable snapshots. When you need to capture a conversation or an entire web page in one image, Andr's feature is incredibly useful. After taking the traditional shot, you can Select the scroll mode icon in the previewwhich will thus allow the capture range to be extended beyond what appears on screen.

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iPhone owners also have many resources available to enrich their screenshot practice. Through the use of custom controls, for example, it is possible Enlarge or reduce the displayed portion by zooming in, and place it at the point of interest. Also in this case, it is possible to add any type of text, adjust the font and character size.

One often overlooked feature of the iPhone is the ability to Convert entire web pages into PDF documentsDirectly through Safari. After taking a screenshot of the page, simply select the “Full Page” option to convert to PDF.

Finally, Apple users also have the option to do so Include your signature on documents directly from the screenshotwhich is a useful option for managing digital documents such as invoices or contracts, eliminating the need to use additional tools or print the file in question.

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