Upgrade to Extra and Premium can be discounted, up to 50% – Nerd4.life

Upgrade to Extra and Premium can be discounted, up to 50% – Nerd4.life

Through Twitter and ResetEra, we can see a series of information in Japanese shared by a PlayStation player. argument PS Plus and upgrade to Extra and PremiumThe two new levels of subscription service. As shown, the cost of the upgrade may be discountedup to 50%.

The information is in Japanese, so we can not confirm what is shown, but according to ResetEra and according to what can be understood from numbers And from the images, one of the players trying to upgrade to PS Plus Extra and Premium saw that the total cost is clearly reduced.

As you can see, the player in question – subscribed for the next 1182 days (just over five years) – had to spend 26,332 yen (about 187 euros) to upgrade to Premium. Instead, the system priced it at 12,750 yen (about 90 euros). As you can see, it’s a file 50% off. The situation is the same for Extra. Another user, who signed up until 2034 (or for 12 years), also sees a maximum price of 12,750 yen. In this case, the discount will be greater. It is possible that the company has set a maximum spending limit for this type of pass, which translates into a discount.

Again through ResetEra, an image is also shown showing the exchange of messages between Sony Japan Support and user. We can’t confirm this but according to ResetEra, the help clarifies that Sony has decided to offer a discount to upgrade to Extra and Premium, although it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

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Obviously, there are some considerations that need to be made. Even assuming this is true, it is possible that the ‘discount’ applies only to those with many years of active membership. There may be no subscriber discount for one year.

Moreover, what is stated refers to Japanese market. It is possible that in other regions, and Europe above all, there is no kind of offer or promotion.

For now, the only thing we’re certain about is the free PS5 and PS4 games from PS Plus that will become a must.

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