Great combination of Leao and CdK?

Great combination of Leao and CdK?

Rumors are growing about the Portuguese's possible farewell in the summer: the clause, which could be activated between July 5 and 15, will bring a real treasure to the Rossoneri's coffers…

The dilemma is similar to Hamlet's, and the answer is not at all clear: it is right to continue to believe in it Rafa Liao Or it's time let him go He builds great things with his sacrifice Milan? Farewell is certain now Mbappé to Paris Saint-Germain In recent days, this has sparked many rumors about possible interest from Parisians in the Portuguese, who they say is considered the natural heir to the French champion. In short, in France They are sure of it Nasser Al-Khelaïfi Be ready to put it on the plate Forlani An unmissable offer. How tall are you? No one can know, so there is nothing else to do but stick to someone's facts Termination conditionincluded in the contract Lion H Activated from July 5 to 15 until 2028, from 175 million. This, today, is what is required to snatch the Portuguese from the devil, who, in the meantime, according to Footmercato, will consider that his experience in Milan is over and will be ready to listen to any proposals not only from Paris, but also. from Premier League.

Summer at home Milan In short, it will be very hot again. After sale Tonali From last year and a very important market ForlaniThe club from Via Aldo Rossi may find themselves in a situation of excessive financial availability in July. The calculation, although completely virtual, is easy to do: 175 million for Leo, 22-25 for Ketelaer and 200 million for reinvestment. To build a team you must necessarily strengthen it Two forwards, a playmaker and a central defender.

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It remains to understand who will be entrusted with the potential task of managing all this goodness. In the meantime, a lot will depend By the coachMeaning he will still be asked where and how to act. Especially if the technician is new, and especially, if the choice is made Antonio Conte, someone who always demands a lot from the market and claims to have a say in team building. So why can the fate of the current administration also be linked to the results of this season, on the condition, but this is another matter, do we not reach a result? A change of ownership is currently neither anticipated nor expected.

Whatever happens, future Milan Looks like it should turn around again Lion And the questions that it is good to start asking seriously: Is it right to continue with him and bet on another necessary step for growth, or is it time to let him go to guarantee himself a populist market? The answer, as always, is in time.

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