Goodbye Antonia, owner of the Tertulia bar in Bergamo

Goodbye Antonia, owner of the Tertulia bar in Bergamo

“From today you will distribute smiles and coffee from the Paradise Bar. Hi Antonia, we love you.” The bar Tertulliain Fanzago Gallery in BergamoThe owner's death was announced on social media, Antonia ZucchettiHe missed yesterday. Antonia, From nimbroShe and her husband, Antonio Galli, opened the café with the solidarity store created in August 2020 by the social cooperative “Progetto 79” founded by the couple.

from this momentThe place has become an example of solidarity and hospitality. A spot appreciated and frequented by students who come in for breakfast before the bell rings, customers on their lunch breaks, and in search of good coffee. But it's not just that either A space to read and buy Libera Terra products (grown on land confiscated from the mafia), Fair Trade, Colibrì (wood workshop in Aeper) and Dolci Sogni Liberi (pastry workshop in prison). “Tertulia in Spanish means moment of intimacy. This was and remains the right place for us: a place to feel good, share ideas and meet,” says Antonio, who has been with Antonia for 41 years. Having died at the age of 60, Antonia was a much-loved mother and grandmother.

“The idea for the place came from my daughter,” recalls Antonio, “who returned from an anti-mafia camp in Sicily. We were hesitant at first, but then we found momentum. We didn't limit ourselves to selling Libra products as we initially thought, as we turned the place into a café filled with books and beautiful people. Now we need to continue Antonia's mission of helping others, welcoming them, and making them feel good. He always did this all his life.” Colleague Maria, who was always with Antonia in running the restaurant, is impressed: “There were always three of us: me, Laura (another colleague, the editor) and Antonia. But she was the soul of everything. Always able to win customers, fills the room with its brightness. I will always carry in my heart his generosity and concern for others. Now we have to figure out what to do without her.”

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