And here are those who tremble not to report

And here are those who tremble not to report

Resuming the tournament after the pause and the silence that Fabrizio Corona imposed on himself in recent days, silenced the betting storm for a few days, but it is just an impression. The fire still burns under the ashes and so do I New developments expected On all fronts in the coming days.

Tomorrow, Tonali’s lawyers will discuss the plea agreement

Yesterday’s emotional afternoon, and with the complete solidarity shown to him by Newcastle fans, the manager and his teammates, tomorrow will be an important day for Tonali. The former Milan midfielder’s lawyers are expected to arrive in Rome to discuss modalities and approaches Contents of the pre-referral plea agreement, This automatically reduces the disqualification by up to half.

For White Smoke, in addition to the agreement between the parties, the green light will be needed from the Prosecutor of Sports of CONI and the Federal President. But there is an urgency because we want to avoid extending the time that might cause embarrassment, given that the Champions League match between Newcastle and Borussia Dortmund will be held on Wednesday.

The prosecution suspects that someone did not report the bets of recognized criminals

However, investigations are also ongoing on other parties and the impression is that the investigation could extend not only to new and unsuspected bettors, but also to those who failed to report them: a crime according to paragraph 5 of Article 24 of the Code. In light of Fagioli and Tonali’s statements, Prosecutor Cheney wonders who knew about it. Evidence emerging from the suspects’ mobile phones and tablets is being analysed. Moreover, Fagioli’s words caused a sensation: “Dragosin and Gatti lent me the money.”

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In the newspaper Corriere dello Sport we read that the Juventus players never suspected the destination of those 40,000 euros (each) given to their teammate, yet the sentence “I told him so.” You need them to buy a watch “And that my mother blocked the accounts” doesn’t completely convince investigators.

Gatti and Dragocin say they are calm

“There’s nothing wrong, Federico is calm,” people close to Gatti keep repeating. “Radu did not know the real purpose of the watch, and it only happened once,” said Mania, Dragocin’s agent. Knowing that beans AI had a problem with my bank account Didn’t your colleagues suspect that the money was being used for something less legitimate than a Rolex watch?

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