Sony confirms new acquisitions and commitment to live services and other media –

Sony confirms new acquisitions and commitment to live services and other media –

Sony A corporate strategy meeting was recently held, during which the CEO of the company, Kenichiro Yoshida, established some key points in The expected growth of the PlayStation In the coming period, confirmation of commitment New acquisitions, live service games, and new media expansion As well as cross-platform game development.

In particular, Yoshida mentioned the importance of the acquisition of Bungie, as this is able to bring great news in the development style of PlayStation Studios’ first party teams.

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Sony CEO stated that bungee He taught the importance of developing games in a way that is “interactive” with users, an area in which the Japanese company must grow and investment is made.

Yoshida reiterated that Sony has plans to release more 10 live service games by March 2026 And that Bungie is a strategic component of fundamental importance also to learn the technical know-how that the company has developed in this type of title, which will obviously play an important role for PlayStation in the near future.

Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki also stated that the investments will also mean increasing the quantity and quality of first-party games produced by PlayStation Studios, an element on which any future team acquisitions will depend, and which will be continuously studied and discussed. Basis. In the future. In this PlayStation Studios expansion, the key element is increased value for players and developers, and from this point of view Sony is open to Cross-platform game development.

With the aim of increasing the value of the intellectual property in the PlayStation division, Sony aims to make more investments in the creation of multimedia products related to these products, such as Movies and TV series Based on video game franchises.

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