June 8, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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The developer has tried to create a very simple game using 8 different engines

one emerald Developerin addition to YouTubers, an interesting experiment: make a Game Use Eight drive Different. The concept is really basic. The player moves through a level collecting objects that fall from above. The result was really interesting, and how much it varies depending on the engine used. By the way, Emeral developed the game on Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, GameMaker, RPG Maker MZ, Construct, GDevelop and Scratch.

with lonlinessEmeral used a cheap graphics asset pack to build the level, and grabbed low poly models from the Unity Asset Store. The thing to grab in this case is a bag of sand. The scenario that drives the game is very simple. The module itself proved to be very suitable for simple project management and did not cause major complications.

in Unreal drive Things got a little more complicated, because Emeral doesn’t know C++ and had to use the Blueprint system, however easy and obvious it is to use. For graphics, use the free resources found in the Unreal Store. It took about an hour to make and export the scene. The overall verdict on the engine is very positive because, in the face of a much steeper learning curve, it really allows you to do everything.

Judgments on other engines were positive: Judo It is open source and therefore free and well supported by the community, GameMaker was simple and fun to use, although not suitable for 3D, the same goes for RPG Maker, unfortunately less suitable for developing the simple concept of the game due to the constraint of JRPG-style video game developers .

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To experience Emeral games, you just have to go to his games itch.io page