Catalan modernist poetry and French writer Pascal Coignard, heroes of the month of May in the Hivernacle at the Palace of Catalan Music

Catalan modernist poetry and French writer Pascal Coignard, heroes of the month of May in the Hivernacle at the Palace of Catalan Music

this Sunday, May 19 (Practice room in Catalan Orfeó, 12 noon) i Wednesday, May 22 (Betty Palau, 6:30 p.m.), Hybrid CoursePalace greenhouse Hosts two poetry days where Catalan modernist poetry and French writer Pascal Coignard (Prix Goncourt 2022) They will be champions in a row. After poetic recitation in the second edition Living legacies Last April 28, the Palace of Catalan Music continued to strengthen its position also as a house of poetry.

Sunday (19.05.24) Proposal Modernist spring It will bring together poets Luis Calvo (guest poet for the upcoming Palau season 2024-2025), Jaume Cole Marini, Carles Dax, Laia Lobera (guest poet for this Palau season), and Susana Ravart, who will read Joan Maragall, Girone Zani, Alexandre De Riker, and Abeles Mestres, and Joan Alcover, among other mainstays of Catalan modernist poetry, are members of a tradition that is often forgotten or little called upon and, under the monument of its architecture, praised around the world. The session will be presented by journalist Gemma Ventura; Attendees will be given a bookmark designed by Ellis Plana using the linocut (engraving) technique.

The next Wednesday (24.05.22) Pascal Coignard Will offer antiquities, A concert of her work in French (Catalan translation will be available in the manual), prepared with a pianist Allen People About “Ruins”, the third movement of Fantasia, op. 17 By Robert Schumann. The poems will be interspersed with pieces by Addis, Bach-Busoni, Mumbo, Fauré, Schumann and Greif, which will be performed by Aline Peoples.

Pascal Coignard (Verneuoil-sur-Avre, 1948) is one of the greatest living European writers. With symbolic works, com All the mornings of the world, Music lesson, Hate music, Wandering shadows And the last Love, sea (Edited in Spanish by Galaxy Gutenberg) It is difficult to separate his literary pen from his musical background. In fact, he headlines Le Concert des Nations conducted by Jordi Savall and plays the organ, violin and cello. A lover of lyric music, he also founded, together with François Mitterrand, the Versailles Opera and the Baroque Theater Festival in 1990. All this strong career is reflected in his show antiquities. On the other side, Allen People He accumulates a rich path in which he presents his music in formats that deviate from the traditional idea and actively participates in thematic concerts.

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The spirit of modernity will continue into June with Luis Soler (24.06.09, Concert Hall, 12 and 4 p.m.). The actor will recite a selection of verses, curated by Laia Llobera, from Forest poem By Alexandre de Riker, one of the most important modernist poems in Catalan literature. A song that is epic in nature, appearing as a space of transcendence; A celestial temple with vibrant birds, flowers, trees and waterfalls, as well as fairies, druids, nymphs, witches, elves and goblins. The morning session (noon) will include interpretation in Catalan sign language for people with hearing diversity, by the Encantades Sociocultural Association. finally, Another singing (24.06.29, Sala d’Assaig de l’Orfeó Català, 10 p.m.) Suggests a night visit to the Palau de la Música Catalana with the artist anna dot, Who will discover the plants and animals living hidden in the modern building through a magical and natural look.

Palau’s Hivernacle is a set of complementary activities that brings the musical program of the Palau de la Música Catalana closer to its architecture and history of various disciplines and forms. This season focuses on poetic truth and Laia Lobera acts as coordinator of some activities.

(Photo by Pascal Coignard ©Francesca Mantovani-Éditions Gallimard).

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