Ray, Buttafuoco and Osho in Waltz Columnist. Sale Nunzia De Girolamo, in Lucarelli scales and the Schiavone series

Ray, Buttafuoco and Osho in Waltz Columnist.  Sale Nunzia De Girolamo, in Lucarelli scales and the Schiavone series

“We don’t want to cut, we want to add.” This is the motto of the new administration opinion She is determined to undertake a mission that is not impossible but involves high political and commercial risks. To bring the public service back into the center of attention — plans are already being made to organize the States General of Ray for the month of September — but at the same time to make it a vehicle no more than that of the FdI And in the union they call it the “left vulgate” but a kind of pluralism that knows how to sound better also to the right. To do this, changing faces and voices is also required. And that’s what Rai’s Kitchen in Fieri is – they’ll direct it Robert Sergio And Giampaolo Rossi But the Ministry of Culture counts a lot, not to mention the infrastructure where Salvini He’s got eyes wide open on public television – they’re getting ready.

Ray, what happened after Fortes? Roberto Sergio CEO, Giampaolo Rossi General Manager. Tg1, Chiucci hypothesis

Everyone on the right expects to see, for example, a San Remo – It will be handled directly by the next director of Prime Time, ie Marcello Ciannamea, close to Carroccio – which will be the opposite compared to the last version: more traditional, with Amadeus ‘half’ i.e. only conductor and no longer artistic director (but Fiorello has already protested: “Take him in One piece, he’s such a great guy as Bebo Bodou”) Also because the government has a technical director in house and he is Gianmarco Mazzi, the current Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, who has dealt several times in the past as a super technician with the sponsorship of the Ariston Festival. There is no going back to the old days, in the sense that Mazzi is now doing something else, but also a little yes: depoliticizing the festival, making it traditional and traditional again (other than Rosa Chemical, there will be Pino Insegno!), this is the first order of service.

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But Raibaltone, perhaps without coarseness and without giving the PT the excuse to say “coup”, will try to cover everything and everyone a little bit. Fabio Fazio crossed and instead of the Sunday evening show that Salvini wants Giletti. That Fazio is likely to move to Nove is also a sign of another shift that will be attempted: to make the outside agents who have dominated him less important (Fabio, like Crozza, already in Nove, is from Beppe Caschetto’s team). While he won’t need his very dear friend Lucio Presta, another oversized, Matthew Renzi They are being invited more and more to opinion screens as director of the Riformista and as an analyst able – from guarantees to reforms – to be appreciated by the majority while remaining in opposition. And if Renzi is a coveted and sparkling guest in many broadcasts (Anti-Travaglio would be his cathode dress), in the field of satire the goal is to participate, as a guest or as a conductor (here is the professional Zorro Melonian?) the legendary Osho. While among the new faces the public can discover a talented singer, highly regarded in government buildings, who plays Phoebe in Notre Dame de Paris (Cocciante’s work) and is called Graziano Galatone.

The problem is that there is a shortage of patriotic or sovereign women. And in some of these anecdotes (Annalisa Bruchi, already with Re Start on Rai2, loved above all by powerhouses, Monica Setta so zealous by Salvinists, manager of the nation, Agnese Pini, capable moderate and loved by all) there is a combative right-of-centre: “Laura Teche us,” say Northern League supporters; “Not at all, he’s ours,” the watermelons reassured. Nunzia De Girolamo is also on the prowl, often seen at Palazzo Chigi.

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The unknown

The Vespa is untouchable and like Santoro on the right, Nicola Porro is very courteous. But the “new” people like Paolo Del Dipio, and this worries Mediaset: “They want to take the best from us.” In the intellectual sector to be released into the tables: in addition to the possibility of Marcello Foa’s return as commentator (having presided over Rai), Veneziani, Buttafuoco, Giordano Bruno Gehry and editor and writer Francesco Giubelli are the most wanted players. All tables must be done. But in entertainment, it seems that Pierluigi Diaco is set to upgrade from Rai2 to Rai1.

Sports: For Sunday sports – how many times will Cabrini, Altobelli, Dossena and the other champions invited to the Forza Italia event in Milan appear on different channels than before? – We are talking about Marco Lollobrigida’s good driving, while for RaiSport the name is Paolo Petrecca if M5S supporter Giuseppe Carboni arrives on RaiNews. By the way: Conte who rhymes with Meloni on Rai (appreciation and friendship for Chiocci unites them) on the information pays a lot for the name of the Sicilian Roberto Gueli, former Rai of Palermo and now deputy director of TgR.

Half certainty weighs on all this – Goodbye Concerton on May 1st live – and two doubts. After the disagreements with Alessandra Mussolini and Enrico Montesano over the jersey on X Mas, and given the lack of harmony with the new referees, will we see Selvaggia Lucarelli again on the Dancing with the Stars judging panel? And we’ll see Rocco Schiavone again, i.e. conditional gialini who doesn’t quite conform to the dictates of right-thinking right, in a Season 6 version already in the works (five 100-minute episodes) but who knows?

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