Siner-Medvedev 2-1 (7-6, 4-6, 6-3), live broadcast of the ATP Final in Vienna

Siner-Medvedev 2-1 (7-6, 4-6, 6-3), live broadcast of the ATP Final in Vienna

Vienna, Austria) – Yannick Siner Wins the championship Vienna, ATP 500 Which took place on hard courts Wiener Stadthal In the capital, Vienna. After hitting him in BeijingBlue once again outperforms the defending champion Daniil Medvedev in Three very tight sets7-6 (7), 4-6, 6-3 – After more than 3 hours of battle: the 22-year-old from South Tyrol won Title X In professional life, the fourth In the dream 2023. Relive the match.

7.05 pm

Sinner, social publication

“What a week in Vienna! I couldn’t be happier to win the title here this week and with my level of performance on the pitch during every match. To my team, thank you for everything! #10”These are the Italian’s words on social media after the success at the ATP Tour in Vienna.

6.45 pm

Error, heading and ending data: details

22 years old from Sesto Postria So far he has won BMasters 1000‘, three ‘500‘ And you ‘250‘. on 13 finals played Up to this point in the circuit South Tyrol has some Lost Only 3.

6.30 pm

Sinner, opponent in the Masters 1000 tournament in Paris-Bercy

In the French Championship, the 22-year-old from Sesto Pusteria, Seed No. 4Starts from Second roundWhere the winner of the match between the American awaits Mackenzie MacDonald And who’s player? qualifications.

6.10 pm

Sinner, how many obligations on the horizon

Blue, fresh Title X In a career he conquered Vienna“He will now be busy at the ‘Rolex Paris Masters’, that is.”1000‘L Percybefore ATP Finals to Turin.

5.55 pm

Medvedev: “Congratulations, Siner, we hope to find ourselves in the final again.”

Congratulations to Yannick, at a certain moment I thought I could catch him but I couldn’t“. like Daniil Medvedev Hot comments on defeat in the last In the’Vienna ATP against Yannick Siner. “We’ve met three times now. We hope to meet again in the final another time“, Desire of Muscovites. United Nations special thanks And also to the large audience present in Central square Vienna: “You were hoping for a great match and you got it“. Funny final gloss of the Russian language: “Not everyone knows: I have a problem with not being able to defend the title“, pointing to Medvedev Amidst laughter, he asserts:I will try again next time“.

5.43 pm

His sinful mother suffers with him in the stands in Vienna

The final match between the South Tyrol team and Medvedev is very intense not only on the field, but also in the stands. (All the details)

5.39 pm

The sinner raises the cup to heaven!

Vienna turns blue: the 22-year-old from South Tyrol lifts the tenth title of his career to the skies of Austria.

5.35 pm

ATP Vienna, it’s awards time

Everything is ready on the center court of the Wiener Stadthalle for the awards ceremony: we start with Medvedev, then it’s the winner’s turn, Jannik Sinner!

5.32 pm

Ecstasy Sinner: “I’m happy, what a match!”

Fresh from victory inATP 500 to Vienna, Yannick Siner Hot comments victory In the Austrian Championship he just won the final match against Medvedev: “I’m fine physically and mentally. She played well in the first set and was able to get back into the match when Daniel was ahead. He tried to extend the exchanges but I was able to take advantage of the many break points I had. I’m happy, it was above all a mental match. Game of Life? One of the best three to five games ever played: Finals play is special. I lost to Daniel many times but beating him in Beijing gave me confidence“.

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5.23 pm

O sinner, the victory of Vienna sanctifies you: that is why

South Tyrolean is superior to Russian Daniel Medvedev In three sets and victories inATP 500 to Vienna: An important success for the 22-year-old Italian who conquers Title X In the profession (il the fourth in 2023 Dream) and therefore equals a sacred monster of Italian tennis such as Adriano Panatta.

5.18 pm

Match, preparation and match: Sinners win in Vienna!

The South Tyrolean beat Daniil Medvedev in three sets (7-6 (7), 4-6, 6-3) and wins the Vienna 2023 Championship! Tenth professional title for the Blue!

5.12 pm

Medvedev reduces the gap: 3-5

The Russian holds serve after saving a break point. Sinner sends back in for the match.

5.07 pm

The sinner “sees” the victory: 5-2!

Blue reinforces the break with the first ace of the third set. Now blue will work to win the ATP Vienna tournament!

5.03 pm

Wrong lunatic: 4-2!

Break for Blue and the match at the 15th minute: Medvedev began to feel great physical fatigue.

4.58 pm

Medvedev reduces the gap: 2-3

Counter kick by the Russian who holds serve at 15. Fatigue is starting to show itself.

4.54 pm

Sinner wins Infinity Match 4: 3-1!

Pure entertainment in the Wiener Stadthalle: a stunning game with a brutal thirty-two-point figure By the two champions on the field, and South Tyrolean decided it at the ninth break point. (Read everything)

4.32 pm

Error scores: 2-1

The South Tyrol side quickly rises to 40-0 but Medvedev is not having it and levels the scores. At par, the Russian got a break point, canceled out by the blue.

4.25 pm

Medvedev saves himself: 1-1

The Russian saves three break points. What remorse for the sinner!

4.14 pm

Siner, what a start to the third set: 1-0

The South Tyrol team won the first match of Group C with advantages.

4.05 pm

Medvedev wins the second set!

The Russian won the second set 6-4 after 50 minutes of play, an hour and 52 minutes in total.

4.02 pm

Sinner there: 4-5!

The match closed at zero for the South Tyrol player mentioned below. With the change of court, Medvedev works to win the second set.

4:00 pm

Sinner fills the gap: 3-5

The South Tyrol player recovers one of the two breaks, thanks to a forehand error by the Russian and the subsequent double fault.

3.55 pm

Medvedev, complete control: 5-2

Break for the Russian, who breaks his serve for the second time in a row. Now the Russian is working to extend the final in Vienna to the third set.

3.52 pm

Medvedev is in control now: 4-2

The Russian holds serve at 15 and goes for the break.

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3.48 pm

Medvedev broke: 3-2

At the age of 30-30, Russian passersby mock the sinner. The Moscow player then finished off the match thanks to a missed forehand shot from the blue team and won the break on the fourth attempt.

3.44 pm

Medvedev does not give up: 2-2

The Russian wins a very complex advantage game and returns everything to par.

3.36 pm

Great match: 2-1

Stunning third game: Blue canceled out three break points and managed to pull one back with a winning point at the net after attacking with a cross-court forehand.

3.25 pm

Medvedev responds to the present: 1-1

The Russian also holds serve at 30 and achieves par.

3.23 pm

Sinner also started well in the second set: 1-0

Blue finished the first game of the second set at 30 with the fourth ace of the match and the first winner.

3.16 pm

Siner wins the first set in a tiebreak

The South Tyrol team won the first part of the ATP Final Vienna: 7-6 (7) score after an hour of battle.

3.15 pm

Sinner Forward: 8-7

The second selection point is blue.

3.14 pm

Still tied: 6-6

Backhand foul for a sinner: Now change the court.

3.11 pm

Sinner, what a character: 4-4

There is the anti-blue part that evens out the grades. What a match in Vienna!

3.09 pm

Medvedev leads 4-2

We change our position as the Russian leads by two points.

3.06 pm

Sinner forward but Medvedev puts the arrow: 1-3

Blue immediately takes the lead with a short break, but the Russian does not have it and scores three points in a row.

3.04 pm

Sinner draws: 6-6, we go to a tie-break

Infinite game won by blue with advantages: The first set is decided by tiebreak.

2.57 pm

Medvedev ahead: 6-5

Sinner led 30-0 but the Russian, who had four points in a row, took the initiative and “hinted” the first set again.

2.52 pm

Complete sinner: 5-5

A scoreless first game of the match for the South Tyrol side who immediately leveled the score.

2.50 pm

Medvedev “witnesses” the first set: 5-4

A complicated match for the Russian who returns from 15 to 30. Now change the court and then Sinner will work to stay in the group.

2.45 pm

Sinner restores balance: 4-4

The South Tyrol team recovered from 0-15 with three straight points. At 40-30, Blue finishes the match with a great forehand down the line.

2.41 pm

Medvedev unsuitable: 4-3

The Russian finished the match at the 15th minute and took the lead in the match.

2.38 pm

The foul restores parity: 3-3!

The comeback was completed for Blue, who won a very balanced match with advantages, ending with a first victory.

2.32 pm

Counter-Sinner: 2-3

Applause response for the South Tyrol player who set the break at zero and capitalized on an initial double fault from Medvedev.

2.29 pm

Medvedev, here’s the break: 3-1

Trailing 0-30, the Russian restored the lead thanks to two fouls from the blue with a powerful shot.

2.22 pm

Medvedev returns the arrow: 2-1

The match was scoreless for the Russian, who closed the match with his third ace in just three games.

2.21 pm

The foul immediately equalizes the score: 1-1

South Tyrolean starts the rounds with a 30-0 lead, Medvedev reacts but Jannik finishes the match with two points that return the match to a draw.

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2.17 pm

Medvedev, what a start: 1-0

The Russian immediately goes to 30-0 but Siner recovers to 30-30. However, the Russian from Moscow takes the first round of serve as an ace and a forehand winner.

2.12 pm

The ATP Vienna Final is underway now!

The final chapter of the Austrian tournament has begun: Medvedev’s serve.

2.08 pm

The sinner wins the toss: the warm-up begins

Blue wins He paints: choose to Answer. Now classic Warm-ups before the match And then the long-awaited will begin the last.

2.05 pm

Sinner and Medvedev on the field

Both players are doing their job entrance On concrete Central court Subordinate Wiener StadthalAmidst a great welcome from the audience present in the stands.

2 pm

Sinner Medvedev, everything is ready in Vienna

And here we are: the curtain is about to riseFinal wait Of heroism ATP 500 Between blue and Russian.

1.45 pm

Paris Bercy, Arnaldi won’t be there

the Parisian Masters 1000who will leave Tomorrow (October 30) Which will include heroes kafir And Medvedevthe 22-year-old from Sanremo who announces loses flat rate: He should have played first round Against the Swiss Stan Wawrinka.

1.30 pm

Be careful, sinner, Medvedev does not want to stop: the reason

the 2023 So far it has been a Golden year to Russian tennis player: 64 Matches won by the 27-year-old Moscow player, once again From the Spanish ace Carlos Alcaraz.

1.15 pm

Sinner and special record in landmarks: here’s which

So far away like Yannick A. won Viennayou will reach the height He won 10 ATP tournaments. It will pay off Fabio Fognini I will grab Adriano Panatta Who is proud of the victory of A Slam tournamentthe Roland Garros Subordinate 1976.

12.55 pm

Medvedev has already won in Vienna

Daniil Medvedev is the defending Austrian champion. Last year, the Russian tennis player defeated Canadian Denis Shapovalov in the final in three sets, 4-6, 6-3, 6-1, in a match that lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes. In the quarterfinals of the tournament, Daniil Medvedev eliminated Jannik Sinner, who today was ready for sweet revenge in front of the same audience.

12.45 pm

Sinful Medvedev, the score rewards the Russian

Today will beEighth comparison Among tennis players: The balance sees that Russian Daniil Medvedev is clearly ahead of the curve so far He won six of seven matches. However, the last crossover saw a victory Yannick Siner That was three weeks ago He defeated his opponent in the final of the ATP Championships in Beijing. The Italian lost two final matches to the Russian in 2023: in Miami and Rotterdam. Medvedev has previously achieved four other victories.


Sinner-Medvedev: where to watch it on TV and live

Challenge between Sinner and MedvedevThe final match of the ATP 500 tournament will be broadcast in Vienna Live TV and live streaming. This is where… (all details)

Wiener Stadthal, Vienna (Austria)

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