Juventus, Bonucci’s controversial post sparks fans’ reactions

Juventus, Bonucci’s controversial post sparks fans’ reactions

Neither Lazio, nor Roma, nor Sampdoria: before becoming a coach, Leo Bonucci would have liked to end his career at Juventus, to better prepare for Euro 2024, the last possible international offer of a rich career. Defender The decision is not accepted for the club, which he has already put on the market, and would like to fight to the end to persuade Allegri to keep him but along with the declarations of love for black and white also come digs.

Giuntoli confirms the thoughts on Bonucci

Yesterday, at the presentation conference, new sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli was clear about this, saying: “On Bonucci We deal with it With other clubs, but at the moment we haven’t found anything that suits him.”

Bonucci share with all newbies

Bonucci’s answer came via social media. The defender posted a photo – black and white which, in addition to calling out the team colours, are also epithets from ‘the past’ – on Instagram with all the players swept aside. The new Juventus project.

He is pictured in the Continassa in the center of the group alongside other close-to-sale teammates such as Arthur, Zacharias, Pellegrini, Aki and Biak. Among them too Moise Keannominated by Cristiano Giuntoli as part of the project at the presentations press conference.

Fans are divided over Bonucci’s future

Reactions flooded in on social media: “He’d be willing to take a pay cut. First of all, he’d have to ‘cut out’ his tongue. I hope he stays, come on, Leo!”, or “reduce your salary And to persuade the company to stay, to serve as a senator. Respect Leo Bonucci”

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There are those who are ironic (“despair in the eyes of those who know that in the 23/24 season they will not be coached by the greatest coach in history”) and those who speak: “Leo, the true Juventus players know what you have done for us. You will always be one.” from us” and also: “Bonucci we know it because they treated you that way, because you were The only one that made Allegri sway. You know things aren’t going well with him and are only going to get worse, so the cheerful anti-football politician decides to send you away to get paid about footballers, in a society of misfits. You deserved an end-of-season salute with the fans.”

The other bell is not missing: “Have the humility to understand that your journey with Juventus has come to an end and that for you and for Juventus it is time to say goodbye”. Or: “Stay as a defender last and cut back if you care too much” and also: “Consider that he’s more than a footballer, you can’t help but be a poet on social media! You were rated an excellent defender only because I was on your side Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli.

Web unleashed: “Hey More of a soul than a soul. If you were a “man”, you would admit to yourself that it was time to step aside for the sake of Juventus, but it is clearly more appropriate to be intrusive and write philosophical phrases on social media “and finally:” The past is not forgotten. Knowing how to apologize and own up to your mistakes is a bit much.

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