June 6, 2023

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“Glad to have the Bianconeri in the States. Valhovich is impressive. Di Maria? Fabulous”

I’m glad they came here to get a little cool given the temperatures in Turin. I am so happy to find some friends and see the team in this moment of preparation which is always a sensitive and exciting moment as you discover new faces. We had fun training yesterday“. it’s a Alessandro Del Piero The person who spoke to .’s Twitch channel shines through Juventus. In fact, the former Juventus No. 10 visited his former teammates and what is and still is the greatest love of football, took part in a tour of his ‘own’ Los Angeles. Among the various issues touched upon, Del Piero asserts that, so far, no player sees himself in him: “No, when I look at a player I don’t think of who or who looks like me. Think about guys who pull you in or do something different and have a little extraguarantee Pinturicio. As for the current Juventus players, on the other hand, there are many high-ranking figures in the Bianconeri squad, Chiesa and Velhovich Inclusive: “There are some men who have unusual and sexy qualities. I got to know them and many of them have the right attitude to be able to do a good job and understand the weight of this shirt. It obviously comes to mind church Who had an exceptional season until his injury and I take this opportunity to wish him well on his speedy comeback and everyone can’t wait to see him again. Vlahovic I liked it in a very positive way. Cuadradothen there BonucciBut I have to say that this thing of always being there isn’t easy because that’s what Juve are asking of you“.

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Juventus, special guests in training: there are Del Piero and Chiellini

Juventus, Del Piero, flashbacks: “Bonberti? Holy beast!”

Between one topic and another, there is no shortage of deception Del Piero which evokes a legendary figure for the Juventus universe, Giampiero Bonberti: “I always remember her with great fondness. I was also fortunate enough to know a part of his family is exceptionalAlex, who remembers meeting the former Juventus legend for the first time when he was 16 years old, says:The first meeting was at the age of sixteen with a character like Boniperti who invites you to his room because we were about to finish these negotiations and for me it was all new, I was a kid. Meetings with him, as usual, do not last long and he was in Udine before the Udinese-Juventus match.A man from another era often called Del Piero to cut his hair before meeting him: “For me it was and always will be Holy beast In all, not just everything but as a symbol of Juventus“– states Del Piero–“He gave it all to me including what this team means and everyone remembers him that way“.

Juventus, thanks Buffon: Di Maria is one of the reasons

Juventus in action: Agnelli and Allegri keep an eye on the team

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Juventus in action: Agnelli and Allegri keep an eye on the team

Juventus and Del Piero praise Di Maria, Fagioli and Meriti…

Inevitable comment by Alex Del Piero In the market hit summer in black and white, Angel Di Maria: “I think it’s a great deal for Juventus. He is a man of incredible qualities. It is very effective which is something I love. It is not an end in itself. She has a great personality. She has a glorious past and is very important as experience and awards. She’s an iconic figure and he couldn’t be better than a Juventus deal. I wish him very good luck. I met him yesterday. So it gave me confirmation of what I was thinking“. on me Bean And the MerityThe jewels of the Juventus nursery, Pinturicchio has no doubts: “As for the two guys, I like them very much. I am happy to have them here with the team and hope they have the vision to steal everything they can from the players who have the most experience and personality. And that they want to improve themselves. If this is combined with their qualities, they will have a good future ahead of themAlex confirms.

"Chiellini and Del Piero in Juventus training.  we sing "Our leaders are our leaders"

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Chiellini and Del Piero in Juventus training. We sing ‘Two captains, we have two captains’