December 8, 2022

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Unidentified flying objects, do they really exist or is it a conspiracy? The answer comes from science – Libero Quotidiano

The first major issue relates to UFO It dates back to July 2, 1947, and took place in Roswell, in New Mexico. Since that day, images of flying saucers, secret bases, and big-eyed creatures have expanded greatly, becoming popular culture, but above all it has become, for many, an almost obvious fact “that there is UFO, we are not alone. In January 2020, poll Ipsos in United State It was found that nearly one in two Americans believed that extraterrestrials had visited Earth. But why do we want so many to believe that this possibility is real? According to many analysts, when people are not satisfied with official or traditional interpretations of events, the so-called theories plot They tend to get more and more tempting. But it is worth remembering the details: as a famous poster of unknown files “The truth is there,” even if at times it is more complex and less exciting than we want to imagine. And I’m not with UFOs. Acceptance of some theories, whether aliens or antennas 5G or Vaccinespeople can also omit a rationale related to the main topic.

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