Oteri is the new coach of Benevento

Oteri is the new coach of Benevento


Christmas will be different for Andreoletti. But above all, Christmas will be different for Gaetano Oteri. He will be the new coach of Benevento. Returning to that city that allowed him to enter history. It was a very difficult moment, the resignation of Oreste Vigorito (who never abandoned ship), the first round seemed to reward Casertana, but after that, the pre-match period was the Giallorossi fans in Benevento-Lecce. A dream that came true. That dream that the Gyalurussian shepherd decided to cling to again. With Andreoletti we couldn't move forward. Benevento showed clear difficulties, with Catania confirming the error. A turning point was needed. There was a poll: Bisoli and Agility…they were all willing to adopt the project but in the end the choice fell on Oteri. Rough in appearance only, he is able to breathe the city he lives in to its fullest. He will return to the sleeper's feet to try to perform a miracle. Juve have flown Stabia away, but have lost nothing. Oteri will have a six-month contract with the option to renew in case of promotion because from now on everything will be a gamble, what concerns Benevento but above all Gaetano Oteri.

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