Scooter parking, you can no longer leave it on the sidewalk. The legislation is clear, and the fine takes effect immediately

Scooter parking, you can no longer leave it on the sidewalk.  The legislation is clear, and the fine takes effect immediately
The law says enough about illegal parking. It also applies to scooters – –

Enough of illegal parking in cities: From now on, even scooters will not be allowed to park on sidewalks.

This can often be observed on many SidewalksThis often happens in large cities, where the sidewalks are filled with scooters or motorcycles. all of us, Motorcyclists or motorcyclistsFor obvious reasons of convenience, we often stop on the sidewalk.

there Lack of available places The fact that they are always busy with cars does not help, but rather makes the situation worse and requires extreme solutions.

But the question we may not ask ourselves is: Is it possible to park the car on the sidewalk? Are there situations where such situations are allowed?

In this regard, no one can give us a specific answer Traffic Laws.

Parking on the sidewalk in accordance with the Highway Code

The code in this regard is pretty straightforward, actuallyart. 158 Paragraph 1h It literally states: “Stopping and standing on sidewalks is prohibited unless otherwise indicated“.And as we can well see, The rule is created in a very general way It does not specify the type of vehicle, as the literal interpretation must be understood in a broad sense, meaning that the standard targets any type of vehicle.

However, the law specifically refers to the prohibition of parking and stopping. It is one of the old memories that will definitely remain in our minds, after we attended a driving license course, we remember it well Stopping and pausing are two distinct and separate things. This means that on the sidewalk, not only is parking allowed (for a long time), but even stopping is not allowed, and therefore for a short time.

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Scooter parking
Where you can park scooters – –

Are there any instances where curbside parking is permitted?

Not being able to choose for ourselves whether and When to park the car, and therefore stop or stop on the sidewalk With your car, we must always refer to the highway law to avoid incurring heavy fines. In fact, theart. 158 Paragraph 1 In the end, he says explicitly:Save various reportsWith this phrase, which we can define as “open doors,” the code wanted to leave Of organizational spaces In order to create hypotheses through which sidewalk parking can be made possible.

This is possible because those specific points will be there Specific bannersWhich means that in the presence of these signs, it is possible to stop and park the car. This therefore represents the only instance where cars are parked Any vehicle is allowed to be parked on the sidewalkthus the only way to be able to leave your car without the fear of coming back to pick it up and finding a hefty fine due to a parking ban.

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