“William and Harry’s secret mother”, another woman appears: Diana in oblivion

“William and Harry’s secret mother”, another woman appears: Diana in oblivion

Among the many mysteries swirling around Buckingham Palace, this one highlights something shocking. This is William and Harry’s secret mother.

William and Harry’s secret mother- Nanopress.it

scandals and secrets
It’s on the royal family’s agenda and has certainly not stopped in recent years. there Queen Elizabeth II He always had to face all kinds of scandals that concern both children and grandchildren.

There was the scandal of his son Andrea, which is still on everyone’s lips today, the betrayal of Charles III to the shocking death of Lady Diana. Self William He was perfectly happy, he gave his brother Harry a lot of material to work on.

Arrival Meghan Markle It was not easy to manage them, since they are associated so far with their desire to live away from the royal family. It is clear that everything behind these people is really unknowable.

William protects his children and family, as Harry does, even going so far as to give up his privileges without looking back. Now this Charles III He is the new ruler, new scandals come to court. This time it is not about the alleged secret son of Camilla and Carlo, but about the woman who has always been a part of the life of William and HarryWho is the true mother of the two principles?

Do William and Harry have any secrets?

William and Harry have secrets and have been able to survive to this day from a flurry of gossip, scandals, and a lot of pain. It is true that the two brothers They are no longer partners As in the past, but it was life choices that led them to decide how to handle everything that goes on in the royal family.

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Harry and William, Princes of England
Princes Harry and William English- NanoPress.it

The boys’ lives certainly weren’t easy, especially as they were kids when they had to face the death of their mother Lady Diana. A set of rumors and delusions that kept the bench of gossip so as not to try to repeat them the same mistakes with their wives and families.

The scoop these days focuses on the woman who will be referred to as The real mother of William and Harry.

‘Harry and William’s real mother’: The truth behind the scoop

The scoop that came out in these hours 40 years later It annoys the British, to the point that they wonder who Harry and William’s real mother is. The world associates these two wonderful princes with Lady Diana Spencer, who died in August 1997 in a terrible car accident in Paris.

Lady Diana Harry and William
Lady Diana Harry and William- NanoPress.it

Along with her, her fellow entrepreneur died Dodi Al Fayed And driver Henry Paul. The causes of the accident are still unknown and there is still much media speculation today, blaming everyone.

Back to the day, Meinen Freizeit – German magazine – I decided to write an excellent article about Harry and William. The mentioned magazine stated that the real mother of the princes would not be Diana, but a woman named Tigi Legg Burke.

Unfortunately, a sentence crafted this way led most readers down the wrong path. In fact, this is a very important woman in the lives of the two boys and has stayed by their side life from an early age.

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Tigi is the nanny that the two princes always love and take care of. Hired by Prince Charles In 1993 to help Diana, when she wasn’t feeling well (and for Camilla in their lives).

German Tiggy Law Bourke magazine
German Tiggy Law Bourke magazine – NanoPress.it

Apparently, gossip has so long pitted Tigi against Diana that they suspect she was her husband’s lover. The truth will never be known, but the princes see her as the second mother with a close and important relationship. And women as well became the godmother For Archie, son of Harry and Meghan.

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