Birthday Surprise: Happy Birthday, Antonella Fiordelesi! VIP Big Brother

Birthday Surprise: Happy Birthday, Antonella Fiordelesi!  VIP Big Brother

Midnight is approaching, and Antonella, whom Alfonso has invited to the garden, is about to receive a very special present for her birthday.

Father Stefano, greeted with applause from the audience, who has sweet and touching words to dedicate to the swordsman, enters. “You entered a child and you left a woman, I want you to never lose your smile”. A few words are also inevitable about the relationship with Edoardo Donnamaria: “Edoardo loves you, and you’ll both have the opportunity to get to know each other outside and smooth out those kinda complicated corners you both have. With the commitment and love that’s there, you’ll be able to create something.” Father Stefano says.

Antonella is happier than ever but the surprises aren’t over yet. Her friend Marco also enters the park to wish her a happy birthday and give her the encouragement she needs to face the rest of her stay in the house. “I congratulate you, I am so proud of you. I never thought you were so strong, you rock.” says the boy.

Finally, midnight has come, and with her friends of recent months on the one hand and the influences of age on the other, Antonella can celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday.

Happy birthday, Antonella!

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