“Because here I want to destroy myself.” Intense gesture live on TV, Berlinguer without words – Libero Quotidiano

An unpublished story about his past that he made Mauro Corona a Kartabianca On Ray 3. Called from his mountain hut, the writer admitted it Bianca Berlinger One of his special skills:I want to break down my image of the old macho: When I was a child, my grandmother taught me how to make a sweater and socks. We’ve learned patchwork and I’ve been knitting since I was a kid. I can do anything.”

but, this is not every thing. Corona also spoke about himself and his personality, saying that he has “a billion defects”: “I am sharp, arrogant and miserable, but Envy is not a part of me. I would like everyone to have a daily meal, wine and health care.” Finally, the writer also commented on the most important events of the moment. Sink bill zan Against homophobia, especially dear to Pd and 5 Stelle.

Regarding the approval of the so-called “trap” in the Senate, which returned the text of the law to the body, the writer wanted to have his say in the reaction of some deputies in the Senate: “The applause and cheers after the sinking? Parliament must act ethically: If the law is not passed, it must not be done That market, that petty insolence and vulgarity“.

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