Gigi Di Alessio: Bye to Anna forever

Gigi Di Alessio: Bye to Anna forever

Gigi Di Alessio and his new partner finally reveal themselves and show themselves to everyone. Exclusive picks leave no doubt: It is the new love of the Neapolitan singer. A hard blow to Anna Tatangelo.

Gigi D’Alessio you didn’t lose And the time of his life passed, After the end of his troubled relationship with the beautiful Anna TatangeloWith whom he had a son, Andrea.

But the Naples chose that different strategy, this time. The months of silence, privacy, and absolute precaution characterized this new relationship, which attracted the attention of fans and photographers. Actually, wait for Gigi Di Alessio A fitting moment to “show” him a new flamewhich in the meantime Loaded. Hot news, discover it and reveal it Alfonso SignoriniThat completely changed the lives of the new couple.

But how was this new love story born? Details are unknown but now that the two have revealed themselves, for the first time on social networks, it is possible to guess and reconstruct some other parts of this new love affair.

Who is Gigi D’Alessio’s new partner?

It is located around Denis Esposito, the twenty-eight-year-old who made the romantic Neapolitan singer literally lose his head. But there is more. In January 2022 Francesco was bornThe son of the new couple Her first and fifth (In fact) for himafter, after Claudio, Luca (LDA, the singer released by Amici), Ellaria and Andrea. Now add little Francesco, the fruit of this last love.

Gigi D'Alessio

The D’Alessio – Esposito family is starting to find out A wonderful and positive periodIn fact, it was recently uprooted in the wonderful city of Sardinia Magdalene. The two seem very close, connected and united.

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The Reason for secrecy From past months, including pregnancy, to Shyness, introversion and the wisdom of Denis Esposito, which she is not attracted to and does not like to show herself in public. Gigi Di Alessio, as he showed, was respectful Partner’s will And indeed, he seems to appreciate this aspect of his personality with pleasure.

During this time though There was a development. Gigi Di Alessio will be giving a concert atGreek island of Mykonos For this occasion he decided to reveal himself and announce this new association to the world.

Gigi Di Alessio and Denis Esposito

The singer posted on Instagram First public photo with Denis Esposito: Kissing tenderly in the port, in the background the night atmosphere of the beautiful Hellenic city reigns. As the title of one of his songs, Gigi accompanied the shot with this comment: “ Me, you and Luna‘, a gesture that made fans go crazy, including Clementino and Bianca Atzei.

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