Unprecedented Carnage Men and Women: The ultimate protagonist lets out a desperate cry

Unprecedented Carnage Men and Women: The ultimate protagonist lets out a desperate cry
Men and women – Solospettacolo

From men and women an alarm that makes you shudder. The message of one of the most famous personalities was a real shock.

viewers and fans men and women They’ve been orphaned from the show for about a month now, but there’s certainly no shortage of news and updates about the heroes of this afternoon’s dating show. Maria Devilipi.

Summer has just begun and the couples who gave birth at Elios Studios during the last season are adding births to their predecessors, appearing every now and then on social networks and portals to inform fans about their lives and events.

So we find out that someone is in full crisis, like the one formed by the boys Carola Carabanelli and Federico Nicoteraor someone else did not really get over the crisis and decided to break up, like Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani.

Others, on the other hand, are happy and continue to live their love life without problems, fortunately. but men and women It is made up of many people who also work behind the scenes, but who are equally well known and loved by the public.

Men and Women: Announcing the Massacre

One of these popular and well-known personalities just posted an announcement on his social media profile that he really is shocking, They are accompanied by frightening images and can harm the viewer’s sensitivity. For this reason, in fact, it has received more than one criticism for not obscuring the image or recommending caution before opening it.

around Rafaela Minoya, who, as a staunch animal rights activist and considerate of issues involving our animal friends, is not new to similar situations. Historical assistant to Maria Devilipi He often publishes pamphlets denouncing the mistreatment inflicted on poor and defenseless friends who have two, four, or no legs.

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massacre of innocents

Since 2010 in Yulin, China, one of the “festival” The most obscene, terrible, ridiculous and bloody Which the world should see, especially in modern times, where we should be. But it may not be the case everywhere and in some places they are still stuck middle ages. And in the city of Yulin, within 10 days, thousands of dogs and cats are killed for pure personal pleasure, because eating them is an act against nature for us.

For years animal rights activists and all people of heart have been fighting to stop this senseless barbarism, and our voice joins the cry of those saying enough is enough. Enough, let’s hope so new generations You have a different vision of what fun should be.

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