Els Pastorets de Calaf is ready to take the stage with many new features

Els Pastorets de Calaf is ready to take the stage with many new features

the 98th edition of Pastorets It is presented with novelties on stage and on a logistical scale, incorporating various multimedia elements that will make it possible to adjust the times, the entrances of actors and actresses on the stage and to study the effect caused by special effects on the audience.

The shepherds' clothing was also renewed this year. Both the design and manufacture of the different models were carried out by members of the Pastorets de Calaf team and are entirely handcrafted by people from the municipality of Calaf and its surrounding areas.

eloy phonol, The director of Pastorets de Calaf, once again incorporates new elements into a show that has an avant-garde character and that at the same time perfectly adapts the original text by Folche y Torres, demonstrating once again that innovation and tradition can coexist without creating acrimony, as long as they work with meaning. And cohesion.

In the ninety-eighth edition of Pastorets de Calaf, the directorial work focused on refining the interpretive, scenographic and also organizational aspects in order to create a more rounded and lively show.

Fonoul took another step in his directorial mission, not only breaking the fourth wall that separates the theater from the audience, to promote a show where there are moments that the viewer experiences from the inside, but he also managed to fill the void. Filling in the gaps in Folch and Torres' text by creating images that link scenes together, speeding up theatrical time.

A work that would not be possible without the interpretive quality of a cast of more than 130 actors and actresses and without the practical ability of the technicians and consultants who make Pastorets de Calaf one of the most exciting and stunning Christmas shows in Catalonia.

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A show that rivals the great professional productions on the scene
Catalonia Theatre

The shocking special effects, the light games, the costumes designed and made by members of the Pastorets de Calaf team, the sound quality, the impeccable choreography and the mastery of the actors and actresses working after the job, show their interpretive scales that give life to the characters that are part of the collective memory of our country. , were the essential elements that enabled the reputation of Pastorets de Calaf to go beyond the municipality of Calaf, and to achieve the participation of people from all over the region, a fact that translates into the number of actresses and actors who participate this year, because the number of artists who bring the characters of the show to life has doubled this year.

Hot dogs for everyone

At the end of the show, all spectators will be invited to take a bite of sausage and bread washed down with wine from the region and jugs of water, an initiative that establishes and reinforces the idea of ​​community and identity of the Catalan people.

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