Who is Alessandro Rossellini, grandson of Roberto Rossellini: age, work, inheritance

Alessandro Rossellini He is the grandson of the unforgettable director Roberto Rossellini. The documentary The Rossellinis was born from his idea.

The documentary tells the story of the director’s sons and grandsons. People who grew up and lived in the shadow of genius.

A seemingly comfortable life that hides secrets and difficulties. Being the son or grandson of one of the greatest figures in cinema history can be more complicated than you can imagine.

Who is Alessandro Rossellini?

Alessandro Rossellini He was the first of his nephews to be filmmakers who felt the weight of his title and wanted to shed light on his family.

The documentary tells, in a sarcastic and amusing tone, all that is unknown about the family Rossellini.

Relatives find themselves the protagonists of a documentary that aims to clarify the previously unrevealed and which can be considered an excellent family remedy.

Children, grandchildren and family members confront each other to talk about how the director’s name has affected their lives.

Alessandro RosselliniIn an interview, he told how he managed to convince his family to adapt the documentary.

A gesture, he said, to reward his will to overcome the menace of drugs.

For years I have been a family member to help and reward, for my past as a drug addict and for being out of it so from the family is a gesture of affection but also a mutual spirit“.

Alessandro tells us how the presence of a grandfather affected the lives of all family members.

First of all, I got my hypothesis confirmed, we were all moved by Roberto Rossellini’s values. We are all very free, I mean in life choices, we change partners, jobs, nations, cultures and religions, like T-shirts, but we remain imprisoned in the grandfather paradigm. I was probably the only one in the family who showed flaws and weaknesses.”

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