Plane tickets, it’s going to be another hot summer. The era of low cost is now (and will remain) a memory.

Plane tickets, it’s going to be another hot summer.  The era of low cost is now (and will remain) a memory.

It will also cost more to fly this summer. Already in 2022, airfares were nice, and today there is a comeback. In which direction the wind was blowing, it was already understood during the last bridges when the tolls began to flare up. On the long weekend of June 2nd Rome trip – Amsterdam was sold to 558 euros, Milan – Madrid for 382 euros. Average overall increases of 36% for national routes and 43% for international lines, Assoutenti noted. The president denounced, “Flight tickets are now out of control, and treating yourself to a trip abroad while remaining within European borders is becoming increasingly expensive.” Furio Trozzi. All indications more or less show that expensive flights will be a constant throughout the summer and beyond. Not that consolation but as they say, Unfamiliar half joy. The price goes up They are not an Italian franchise But it affects the entire market. a trip Hong Kong and New York It costs, in economy class, average More than doubled compared to 2019. Paris-Tokyo route 69% more.

This is somewhat surprising. Already a year ago these days Michael O’Leary, Ryanair, number one of the low-cost giant, has announced the end of low-cost flights, or at least of those bargain fares of €10 each way the Irish company has been with. Around the market in the early 2000s. Airlines around the world are naturally rejoicing after being bankrupt during Covid, when it was normal to fly on 200-seater planes with fewer than a dozen seats occupied. Fifth of last June iata (International Airline Association) has multiplied industry earnings forecast for 2023, This brings it to $9.8 billion. Transport companies are benefiting from a faster-than-expected recovery in demand post-pandemic. Stuck at home for two years, people put travel at the top of their wish lists Be patient if you spend more. As an example, Ryanair got pregnant last April 16 million passengersmore than the same month in 2019, Its planes were 94% full. Compared to the values ​​of previous years about 80%. In April, the number of passengers passing through Italian airports exceeded the number of passengers passing through Italian airports since 4 years. This is the case for the time being, but it is possible that the momentum built up by travelers in the closing months will gradually run out, and that demand pressure will ease, thus reducing the prospects for companies to act on fares.

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However, there are other elements that indicate that low cost, at least in the most extreme version, we will not see again for a long time. The price of oil (and thus fuel) has fallen in the past year but remains 20% higher than it was before the pandemic hit. Big companies have it A negotiating weight that allows them to extract better prices They use financial strategies to neutralize the price fluctuations to some extent but there is a fuel factor. There is also an effort to be made by the sector Reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This, for now, mainly means renewing fleets by ordering more modern aircraft and less polluting, So the expenses are to be somehow unloaded onto the passengers. In perspective, the use of biofuels, however, at least for the time being, is Much more expensive than those of fossil origin. About ten days ago, CEO of Boeing Dave Calhoun He said green fuels will never be affordable for the industry. Labor costs have increased. During the pandemic, businesses laid off many, and when traffic resumed they found themselves short-staffed. This is provided opportunity for workers to negotiate better wages and conditions, As will be recalled, the past summer was punctuated by several strikes in which the employees were able to assert their demands. Even in the lower cost segment where, historically, salaries And the transitions were specially “pulled”. All of these factors tell us that flying will be more expensive than it was in the past, however, Perhaps more sustainable.

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