Al Bano and Romina, touching posts on the occasion of Jelenia’s birthday

Al Bano and Romina, touching posts on the occasion of Jelenia’s birthday

Today is a special day for Romina Power and Al Bano, a day of contrasts between depression and pain, Happy birthday to Ylenia CarisiTheir daughter disappeared in 1994 and was never found again. This day, the eldest daughter’s birthday, is particularly poignant, as the void left by the missing daughter and the pain of the parents who never stopped searching for her come to the fore.

The disappearance of Ylenia and the pain of Romina and Al Bano

The memory of Ylenia Carisi, who went missing 29 years ago, still haunts Romina and Al Bano. Although the woman’s death was never confirmed, the couple lived with the knowledge From the void left by his absence The singer-songwriter said he spoke to the last person to see Ylenia alive, a New Orleans dock guard, and how his daughter dived into the Mississippi River that night.

On this poignant day, Romina Power and Al Bano hold on to beautiful memories and messages Honoring the memory of Ylenia Carisi, The daughter who is always present in their hearts, despite her physical absence.

Yelenia’s disappearance and the letter from mom and dad

Today, Romina Power uses social media to honor her deceased daughter’s memory, posting photos and sharing her pain as a mother. On this special day, Romina dedicated a touching note to her daughter, in which she wrote in English: “The love I feel for you will never change. On this day, 53 years ago, I was born and I wonder if you knew that today was your birthdayRomina’s words exude the pain of a mother who is still there He hopes to see his beloved daughter again one day.

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Al Bano also wanted to express his affection and pain on Ylenia’s birthday. Through a heartbreaking post on Instagram, the singer-songwriter shared his thoughts: “Survival of the child is a sentenceAl Bano, despite not knowing the truth about Ylenia’s disappearance, unlike Romina, He had given up hope of a miracle. “you are with me. always. As much as I will always be with you, now and when I climb those stairs to heaven and we will hug each other again“, he is writing.

In the long letter, Al Bano talks about paths made of magical and bitter thoughts, of chases through the streets of mysterious memories, In pictures, and in regret.

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