WEC / Live 24 Hours Le Mans 2023: Ferrari takes on Toyota | FormulaPassion – direct

WEC / Live 24 Hours Le Mans 2023: Ferrari takes on Toyota |  FormulaPassion – direct

[WEC] – Good afternoon, dear readers FormulaPassion.it And welcome to the highly anticipated, textual record of the centennial edition of 24 Hours of Le Mans WEC World Endurance Championship.

Ferrari challenges Toyota

After 50 years, the Scuderia returns from Maranello to the first class of the WEC supercar, and at Le Mans it colonizes the front row that will see the two Ferrari 499P before each. Anticipation is high for this centenary edition that celebrates the return of several manufacturers to the top hypercar segment, including Peugeot, Porsche and Cadillac.

The session is in progress

Now 24/1 – The new Safety Car and then Restart mode debuted after only half a lap, which will not be used in the last hour of the race to maintain the sporty score that will be shown on the track.

Now 24/1 – The Safety Car leaves room for GTE-AMs that can pass the pack given the restart.

Now 24/1 – The safety car continues to lead the group, and repair work continues on the barriers at the first Hanadir Chicani exit. Below are photos of Buemi’s Toyota beating Nielsen’s Ferrari.

Now 24/1 – This is the top 5 in the GTE-AM category:
1. Corvette (Cattsburgh)
2 – Ferrari (Region)
3 – Aston Martin (Eastwood)
4. Ferrari (Greenhouse)
5 – Ferrari (Rovira)

Now 24/1 – This is the top 5 in the LMP2 category:
1. Idec Sport (Chatin)
2 – Prima (Kvyat)
3. WRT (Kubica)
4 – Jota (Fittipaldi)
5 – Nielsen (Beach)

Now 24/1 – This is the top 5 in the Hypercar class after less than a race lap before neutralization due to Aitken’s Cadillac crash:
1- Toyota No. 8 (Buemi)
2. Ferrari #50 (Nielsen)
3. Toyota No. 7 (Conway)
4 – Ferrari No. 51 (Calado)
5. Porsche #75 (Victory)

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Now 24/1 – Wreckage on the track and a barrier to fix. These are the reasons for the immediate return of the Safety Car to the Le Mans circuit. For the LMP2 of Interpol’s Europol competition, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is at risk, but it will be able to restart after the intervention of the emergency cars that clear it from the gravel. The Cadillac 311 is back in the pits practically without the front axle and now the mechanics will be running for so long that they can get back on track with a few laps down.

Now 24/1 – Buemi takes the lead at the bottom of the Mulsanne, Conway also threatens Nielsen. In a hypercar accident, the #311 Cadillac driven by Jack Aitken lost control of the car at the All Ace Exit in Honodeer. Safety car. Also found in gravel LMP2 #32.

Now 24/1 – Nasr arrived with locked wheels at Dunlop, immediately risking an accident a few meters later.

16.00green flagThe centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans begins.

15.58 The dynamic ‘grid’ takes shape in the Porsche Curves.

15.57 – The track is a bit damp in the first sector to think about the wet tyres. Caution will be needed at this point.

15.55 – On Hunaudières a little water rises behind the cars. Restrictions are “prohibited”.

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15.52 – The formation cycle begins, and the first sector of the track is wet. Therefore, this centenary edition immediately begins with excitement. Meanwhile, there are problems on the grid for the DKR #43 LMP2 class car.

15.50 The Le Mans 24 Hours race will be started by basketball player LeBron James.

15.40 – It’s time for the French national anthem.

15.30 These are the tires made by Michelin.

15.15 – A large crowd on the net in view of the beginning of the centenary edition.

15.00 – After the Ferrari race there will be an exceptional fan, Charles Leclerc, the great friend of Pullman Antonio Foucault who shared with him in the Prema garage in F2 in 2017.

14.30 – Emanuele Pirro believes Ferrari arrived at Le Mans at the “climax” to draw comparisons with the athletes and the Olympians.

14.00 – We start our report by presenting what to expect in the race with Carlo Platella, and his sending to Le Mans with Gianluca Calvarisi.

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