Live Serbia U21 – Italy U21 0-2: Follow the match live

Live Serbia U21 – Italy U21 0-2: Follow the match live

Paca Topola (Serbia) – penultimate test beforeEuropean from june toItaly U21 Today (Friday, March 24, 6 p.m.) He will face Serbia in a friendly match in Baca Topola. The big date in Romania and Georgia The Azzurrini team is getting closer and this match and Monday’s (27 March) match will be available In Reggio Calabria against Ukraine To convince Coach Paolo Nicolato to put them in List 23 who will leave for Cluj, home of the three races The group is against Norway, Switzerland and France. under the direct From the match against Serbia…


80′ – Last glimpse of the match: Baresi almost scores

Ten minutes to go and no contest in the TSC Arena, with Serbia giving up. Nice maneuver from Italy, which with Baresi still prods Stankovic.

7:38 p.m

78′ – Baldanzi View Stand: Inside Colombo

Nicolato Baldanzi calls up to the bench, the protagonist who made his debut in Under 21: Inside Colombo.


75′ – Serbia does not react and Italy is close to the triple

Serbia does not respond to the double and stays very low, and Italy turns the ball around in search of the right space. Yellow card for Rogan, in the subsequent penalty Esposito sends it to nothing.


70 ‘- It’s raining in Serbia: Petkovic also co

It’s not an evening for the Serbs, who also collected their second muscle injury of the match after a double: Petkovic raises the white flag inside Durasovic.

7:27 p.m

67′ – Mulatieri once again for double blue!

Double Italy! Zanoli on the inside right, Mulattieri this time in the splits finds prop and doubles!

7:23 p.m

63 ‘- Try to change Stefanovic’s inertia

Serbia coach Stefanovic realizes the struggles of his team and makes a double substitution: out Lucic and Nikola Stankovic, in Mituljicic and Knezevic.


60′ – Nicolato’s third substitution

Another substitution arrives from coach Nicolato, who sends Orestano onto the pitch and calls Zabelli to the bench. Italy remains the owner of the field, and Serbia is always passive.

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55′ – Italy is about to double: Carbone goal

Soon the Azzurri doubled with a big header from Carbone that hit the crossbar with Stankovic out!

7:13 p.m

53′ – Italy opens it up! Goal from Mulettieri!

The advantage the Azzurri deserve comes with mules Who is going towards Esposito corner, in the far corner, behind Stankovic, surprised by a carbon swerve that widens the track!


50′ – inside Zanoli and Baresi. Change also in Serbia

Coach Nicolato’s first substitution is the entry of Zanoli instead of Gallo, Pierozzi also for Parisi. In Serbia, Mladenovic is replaced by Vasilijevic.


46′ – Restarts at TSC Arena for the second half

The teams returned to the field in the second half: Serbia and Italy resumed from 0-0 down in the first 45 minutes. The first changes to Nicolato’s views.


The first half is over: Beautiful Italy, the only goal missing

A good first half ended for Italy and it is a pity that despite their perceived dominance they did not reach the goal. Serbia are inactive and clinging to Filip Stankovic who has proven to be a goalkeeper with good chances.

6:47 p.m

45′ – Three minutes of extra time

The first half will end in the 48th minute, with three minutes of extra time allotted.

6.45 p.m

42′ – A suspicious tackle on Persepolis

Rikalama Italy to enter the regulation limit in the area on the slippery Pierozzi from the March of Micic, who is also the first injured in the match: a muscle problem for the Serbian player, who gives way to Argylas.


38′ – So far, Italy has 64% of the ball possession

Possession data shows that 64% of Italy testifies to the dominance of Nicolato’s side. Meanwhile, Serbia took the lead with a nice header from Ratkov, who found Caprile alert.

6:33 p.m

32′ – Another great chance for Italy to fail

A superb cut by Pierozzi, more lively with Baldanzi, who sent Molatieri in a split, and closed a step short of Durić’s goal, in Providence’s second save.

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6:28 p.m

27′ – Mladenovic gets his first yellow card in the match

Clearly for Mladenovic’s late entry into Esposito, Mr. Minakovic extracted the first yellow card of the match.


23′ – Always Baldanzi! Stankovic replies again

Incredible, fifth shot in just over twenty minutes by Belldanzi, who once again called Stankovic in with his left foot, this time powerful but central, to strike back!


19′ – Baldanzi is still close to scoring

The Empoli playmaker was unstoppable, setting up another fine goal with a high number in the area, a surefire end as defender Duric sacrificed himself with his body, also remaining bruised. Italy is now in complete control of the game.


10 ‘- The great protagonist of Baldanzi

Good start for Italy, led by A.J Baldanze Particularly inspired, he had already tried on three occasions: the last being the most dangerous, forcing Stanković to make a normal tackle.


1 ‘- The match has started

The match started with a slight delay Gradsky Stadium From Baka Topola, where the citizens are U21 from Serbia and Italy compete in friendly. The hosts are in a red jersey, a team Nicholas In light blue.


It’s time for the national anthem

The national anthem of Gradsky Stadium By Baca Topola before the friendly match between the national teams U21 from Serbia and Italy. Let’s start with that from mameliIt will be the Serb’s turn.


Official profiles

Serbia (4-2-3-1): Stankovic Rogan, Drizjevic, Doric, Petkovic; Mladenovic, N.; stankovic; Micic, Lucic, Mitrović; raktov. CT: Greet Stefanovic

Italy (3-5-2): Caprile. Carbone, Vitti, Ruggeri; Pierozzi, Zappelli, Esposito, Casadei, Gallo; Baldanzi, Molatieri. CT: Paolo Nicolato

5.50 m

Everything is ready at the “Gradski Stadion”

Everything is ready in Gradski Stadion in Baca Topola For the friendly match between the U-21 national teams Serbia and Italy.

5.35 p.m

First call for five azurrini

before Less than 21 phone calls For Defenders Diego Coppola and Nicolo PierozziNot forgetting Bruno Zabelli (A talented attacking midfielder from Belgrano “Book” Lazio), John Fabian and Thomas Baldanze.


Serbia U21-Italy U21: Where to see it

Italy U21 friendly match vs Serbia (Today, Friday, March 24). against Ukraine (Monday, March 27) will be broadcast in the live broadcast On the FIFA website and on social profiles Men’s National Team (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok).

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“Shades of Blue”, traveling exhibition

it will be Reggio Calabria (Where Italy U-21 will face Ukraine in a friendly match on Monday 27 March) The venue for the first stage of ‘hues of blue’the new Traveling exhibition of the Football Museum Which will accompany the local matches of the U-21 national team in 2023. The exhibition tells the story and First national team victories masculine with those National Youth Teams Based on Olympic teamThanks to a collection of memorabilia from the Coverciano Museum collection. The trophy won will be present 2006 World Cup In Gemany it won Wembley in 2021. free entry.

4:57 p.m

Nicolato Band

This is the blues summoned By Coach Nicolato in the friendlies against Serbia and Ukraine (NTurati, Fagioli, and Fabian are not at their best):
Goalkeepers: Elia Caprile (Pari), Alessandro Sorrentino (Monza), Stefano Turati (Frosinone).
Defenders: Raul Bellanova (Inter), Andrea Carboni (Venice), Antonino Gallo (Lecce), Matteo Lovato (Salernitana), Caleb Occoli (Atalanta), Fabiano Parisi (Empoli), Niccolo Peruzzi (Reggina), Lorenzo Perola (Salernitana), Matteo Ruggieri (Atalanta), Destiny Udugi (Udinese), Mattia Vitti (Nice), Alessandro Zanoli (Sampdoria).
Midfielders: Eduardo Bove (Roma), Cesare Casadei (Reading), Salvatore Esposito (Spezia), Giovanni Fabian (Reggina), Niccolo Fagioli (Juventus), Samuel Ricci (Torino), Bruno Zapelli (Belgrano).
Attackers: Tommaso Baldanzi (Empoli), Matteo Cancelleri (Lazio), Lorenzo Colombo (Lecce), Samuele Molattieri (Frosinone), Gaetano Orestano (Volendam).

4:44 p.m

Accusing coach Nicolato

“We don’t have a lot of time to become a team. But these guys have quality and availability”. These are the lyrics Paolo Nicolato On the eve of the friendly match Serbia: “The difference internationally will be the cadence – he added Zurini coach. We should always do our best, even beyond our means.”

Gradski Stadion in Baca Topola, Serbia

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