March 29, 2023

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GfVip 7, Signorini’s “revenge” against Ilary Blasi: he’s coming home

GfVip 7, the name of the new competitor appears. Alex Nuccetelli, Roman PR Can cross red threshold. My dear friend Francesco Totti, he has already revealed many of his separation background and if he enters nAnd he has horrible things to say.

Since the separation between Totti – Elari Blasi It became the daily bread for gossip lovers, and its name has popped up many times. On television, at the invitation of both Mediaset and Ray, he repeatedly expressed his – sometimes contradictory – view of the holiday of the year.

After all, it was true Alex Noketelli Introducing Elari Blasi to Francesco over twenty years ago and it seems his career as a Cupid didn’t end there, as Poupon also met his current partner Noemi Buki thanks to him.

After the two’s turbulent separation, Nuccetelli spoke up over and over, revealing many backgrounds about the couple. In recent days, we are talking about the Romanian bodybuilder not because of his closeness to the former Roma captain but thanks to a new and potential TV appearance.

Alex Nucciatelli in GF VIP 7? Nothing has been confirmed

Alex Nuccetelli lands in Big Brother Vip 7? It’s the rumor that’s been around for several days that one of Francesco Totti’s best friends has repeatedly revealed the background to the split between a baboon and Ilari Blasi. At A Summer Live he announced: “I believe that after twenty years all things can happen. In my opinion, it is not true that there are third parties, especially in relationships that have this importance, this beauty, this toughness. They were two very wonderful boys, an example to so many young people, wonderful fathers who made raising their children in the most authentic way in the world.”

If Alex Nuccetelli is indeed going to be Gf Vip’s new contender, he’ll have a lot to say. A guest on Your Facts said: “Every time with our friends he said he had to listen to Hilary, that he had to come to terms with his childcare obligations, he had always been a very loyal husband to his family. Some friends learned of Hillary’s alleged infidelities and pushed her to leave her.”

Noemi Bocchi and Francesco-Totti - 20221028 -
Noemi Bocchi and Francesco Totti (web source)

Alex Notchetelli: Cupid Speaks Freely

Alex Noquetelli, Cupid explained the love story between Totti and Ilari Blasey: “Francesco was very depressed when he found the letters, it was so bad.” Sola Bocchi said: “I learned of their relationship, but it came long after Elari’s betrayal.”

Totti and Alex Nuccetelli - 20221028 -
Totti and Alex Nuccetelli (web source)

Finally, he adds: “The two met at an event where Elari was also, and Francesco was shocked by Noemi, but then there was nothing for months and months. She is a good woman, she clearly told me that she would never meet a married man. Today Francis is reborn with her.”

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