March 29, 2023

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Air fryer or oven? Here’s what you consume the most

Let’s get acquainted with the most consuming device among the devices we just mentioned, you will be speechless.

Almost all of us have these things at home Two very convenient devices It often saves us dinner, but in this moment where we’re all trying to save energy, what’s better to use?

Air fryer or oven? Here’s What You Consume The Most (Pixabay)

Let’s find out together and Let’s see what suits us, Since the cold season is also approaching, and perhaps cooking in the oven will also help us warm the environment a little, don’t you think? But let’s not get lost in too much talk and see what we can use without spending too much.

Air fryer or oven? Here’s what you consume the most

All devices that we The ones we use have a certain weight on our bill That is why we must always understand which one consumes less and allows us to get the same result but save money.

Also because they are Both are classified as electrical appliances that consume a lot of electricity, But somehow we should prepare some foods, don’t you think?

In an experiment done in England, i.e. cooking chicken leg and potatoes in tin foil, it is better to use an air fryer, but with it being very expensive in Italy, is it the same or not?