Sanaa Akroud donates organs to science

Sanaa Akroud donates organs to science

With his decision, Akroud is following in the footsteps of the Egyptian artist Ilham Shaheen. She shared a handwritten document on Instagram pledging to donate her body for education and research. Sanaa Akroud’s decision won the admiration and respect of her fans, followers and fellow artists Hippress.

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“I, Sanaa Akroud, just signed a document to donate my body after my death to help those in need of organs. Donating one’s body for science is neither a fad nor a whim, but a vital necessity that more efforts must be made to raise awareness of. He went on to say that donating one’s body to science is an act of citizenship A plea to save lives.

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Sanaa Akroud also points out that “donating the body for science is an act encouraged by Islam and regulated by Moroccan law with precision and efficiency, through a detailed and sophisticated legal arsenal that organizes the work from beginning to end.” A modern health institution with experience in this field is responsible for this.”

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