December 8, 2022

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The Biden administration has released new restrictions on the sale of chips and manufacturing machinery to Sen

The Biden administration announced yesterday a
A new round of restrictions on the sale of chips and production machines to Chinese companiesa measure that should be read as part of a strategy aimed at putting Beijing’s technological development and production capabilities into difficulty, also from a military point of view.

In particular, according to The Wall Street Journalthe White House has ruled that American manufacturers, such as Intel and MicronYou should receive one
Licensed by the Ministry of Commerce Allowing them to export semiconductors and machinery for the production of chips to former Celestial Empire companies.

It is no coincidence that the new restrictions come on the heels of recent US investments in domestic semiconductor production, which President Joe Biden launched with Signing the CHIPS and Sience Act last August Which allocates $280 billion over 10 years with a special support program for companies that choose to build factories on US soil. Both actions represent the will and tangible attempt to increase the technological competitiveness of the United States against China.

The same CHIPS and Science Act also prohibits subsidiaries from building chip manufacturing plants in China for 10 years. Thus, the new round of restrictions is causing real difficulty in China’s access to American technology.

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