Conversely, science is now in agreement: Covid has dealt with Provine-Polytics

Conversely, science is now in agreement: Covid has dealt with Provine-Polytics

Daniele Giovanardi, former PS Modena head primary: “I’ve said this since 2020, I don’t know how many colleagues and political decision-makers can sleep at night”

Anti-inflammatory therapy (particularly non-steroidal drugs, such as Brufen), initiated at the onset of symptoms, reduces the risk of hospitalization for Covid by 85-90%. Two and a half years into the pandemic, the scientific community agrees on one point: it is the inflammation (or swelling) that kills the sick, not the virus. The hypothesis of early intervention to stop it has been the subject of several studies and extensive work published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases and reported by “Il Corriere della Sera”, conducted by the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research and by Papa Assistant Giovanni XXIII Bergamo.
The authors – Giuseppe Rimuzi, Freddy Sutter, Norberto Perico and Monica Cortinovis – examined all studies published in valuable scientific journals, conducted between 2020 and 2021 (including two works by the Mario Negri Institute itself), of a total of five thousand patients between study and group groups. Controller: According to the paper, for mild and moderate forms of Covid, the results are of significant importance compared to the efficacy of NSAIDs: access to the emergency room and hospitalization decreased by 80% (combined data), hospitalization alone by 85-90%, and time shortened To resolve 80% symptoms and 100% need for oxygen supplementation. If infections rise again – the study predicts – early treatment with anti-inflammatories – it is important that they are managed by family physicians, for potential side effects and interactions with other drugs – can prevent excessive pressure on hospitals (and costs for high levels of treatments, not Sima in intensive care), one of the most dramatic aspects of the epidemic, consider Il Corriere.

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I administer anti-inflammatories to my patients (aspirin, OK, and ibuprofen) in their first onset of symptoms as early as February and March 2020 by visiting them at home through Hippocrates (here). So did my other brave colleagues – says the former president of the Socialist Party of Modena Daniele Giovanardi, now a candidate for the Senate for the sovereign and popular Italy -. We have been mocked, insulted and sometimes commented on by ideologues “Tachiberina and Watchful Waiting” for “apartheid patients” from “there is no cure for the virus” “either vaccinate or die” and among the most fierce of all professional orders, although there is evidence since The beginning is the efficiency of these simple treatments that have long been used against viruses. And now the opposite: yes, if we had treated the coronavirus like all other influenza syndromes, we would have saved tens of thousands of deaths. I don’t know how many colleagues and policy makers can sleep at night.

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