Nikita Pelizon teaches us the style: this look will be the trend for summer 2023

Nikita Pelizon teaches us the style: this look will be the trend for summer 2023
Nikita Pelizon is one of the finalists for GF VIP 2023 – Source: Twitter –

Nikita Pelizon has asserted herself as one of Phoebe’s most beloved celebs and a true queen of style, but there is a look that can be totally copied.

In the past six months, Nikita has stunned viewers with her often bold but never vulgar looks, who always knew how to accentuate her totally insane physique.

Although many have said they prefer it “natural,” with less makeup and loose hair, Nikita has shown herself in many episodes perfectly, showing herself quite easily in very different styles.

Some outfits, like our rhinestone acid green evening dress, are really appropriate for a fancy event and we won’t often get the chance to wear them in life.

However, many of Nikita’s looks were much closer to the “real world,” and above all else, we can count on this VIP GF finalist as the inspiration for many of our upcoming summer looks.

The cropped look we absolutely have to copy

What we absolutely fell in love with is it A look Nikita wore in November 2022, When he was on Mediaset – and especially on GF VIP – Bersilvio Berlusconi’s murderous rage had not yet subsided. Indeed, the heir to the knight was completely denied, from a certain point on, the very boisterous looks, both among the contenders and among the commentators.

At that time, Nikita had to wear a watch Black long sleeve cut top paired with one Lamy mini skirt. To complete the look, which would be perfect for an evening out this summer, some Small space cakes Which gives the appearance a more playful and less aggressive look.

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Dress cuts like Nikita Pelizon – Photo sources: Instagram / Shein –

Shein alternative

To create a look similar to Nikita’s, you can undoubtedly bet on him A cheaper version of her gown which retains its basic characteristics: solid color, cropped bodice, miniskirt.

model it is in It displays a similar structure at the top: the part that acts as a bra and connects to the mini skirt, leaving most of the side exposed. Unlike Nikita’s dress, this model does not cover the shoulders and leaves one arm exposed, while the other wears a very fitted long sleeve whose length can be adjusted using the drawstring. This article describes Shein as Bodycon one color cut out side tie dress, and its cost 6.00 euros. All reviews are great!

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