Discovered in Tibet the largest begonia in the world, a height of more than three and a half meters

Its height is more than three and a half meters, and its width is more than two meters. We are talking about the largest begonia in the world discovered in Tibet by a team of researchers. The extraordinarily large plant was featured in the scientific community on the pages of the trade journal PhytoKeys.

To identify new species, the begonia gigantica, was a team Daiki Tian subordinate Shanghai Shenshan Plant Science Research Center, which revealed some record-breaking specimens (not just one) in the province of medog, in Tibet, an area rich in begonias. After analyzing their morphological characteristics, comparing them with other species and conducting the necessary analyzes, the team concluded that it is a previously unknown species of these plants. The researchers combined two of the tallest flowers to measure. One of them was 3.6 m in height and the thickest part of the trunk had a diameter of about 12 cm.

Scientists explain that the giant begonia grows on slopes under forests along streams at an altitude of 450-1400 meters. These types It is found fragmentarily in southern Tibet and, Secondly Classification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), It is considered endangered. The specimen collected at the Chenshan Herbarium was dried and the staff began the procedure of applying for the Guinness Book of Records for this specimen.

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